How Tall was André the Giant compared to Goliath?

Was André the Giant taller than Goliath?

Goliath versus Andre the Giant

Yes. The legendary wrestler and star of The Princess Bride was 7’4″ (224cm) – more than half a foot taller than Goliath.

Note: In the various manuscripts of 1 Samuel 17, Goliath’s height ranges from 4½ cubits (6’8″ or 202cm) to 6½ cubits (9’7″ or 293cm). However, the earliest manuscripts have Goliath’s height at 4½ cubits, and this was at a time when the height of your average “Israelite” would have been 3½ cubits (5’3″ or 162cm). Therefore, the manuscripts which put Goliath’s height at 6½ cubits probably reflect a later exaggeration. The “cubit” was not an exact measure, but referred to the length of the forearm – from the elbow to the tip of the finger. But we have assumed for the purposes of making this comparison that one cubit = 45cm (just under 18″).

San Francisco Giants Win World Series in 2012 – Barry Zito Takes Daughter of Man

Behold, it was prophesied:

“And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose….. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6.1-2, 4

If there were a modern parallel to be found to Gen. 6.1-4, it would probably be a highly paid modern sporting hero, renowned in the media, who takes a shine to a Miss America contestant and marries her. Thus, with Giants pitcher Barry Zito and former Miss Missouri Amber Seyer, we have fairly much what was happening back in Gen. 6.1-4.

Giants Fans Riot, Set San Francisco On Fire After Winning The World Series

The Greater Western Sydney Giants: A big, big sound from the west of the town

There’s a new Aussie Rules club in the Australian Football League (AFL) this year: The Greater Western Sydney Giants.

Greater Western Sydney Giants

The Giants even have their own theme song, the tune borrowed from the Soviet entry in the 1976 Eurovision Song contest, and featuring one of the original Igveski Brothers (now a resident of Greater Western Sydney). “There’s a big, big sound from the west of the town / It’s the sound of the mighty Giants / Feel the ground is shaking / The other teams are quaking / In their boots before the Giants / We take the longest strides and the highest leaps / We’re stronger than the rest / We’re the Greater Western Sydney Giants / We’re the biggest and the best”.

h/t Brony Ibs, late one night in San Francisco last November. I remember everything you said, man. Everything.

The Giants Take Out the Superbowl: The Memory of the Biblical Rephaim remains honored and intact! Good for the Economy!!

Ahmad Bradshaw's matchwinning assdown
Ahmad Bradshaw’s matchwinning assdown

This can only be good for the economy, says The Wall Street Journal, in an outpouring of logorrhea only rivalled by Craig Keener’s recent work on miracles. Although – and unless I’ve missed the possibility that Keener was making an elaborate joke in his two-volume flight of fancy – The WSJ may be a little more tongue-in-cheek:

The Giants’ victory will provide a much-needed boost to the nation’s economy…. On Tuesday, for the first time since the “Occupy” protesters were ousted from Zuccotti Park, thousands of members of the “99%” will descend on Lower Manhattan. But this time, instead of division and conflict, the gathering will foster unity as bankers, construction workers and busboys come together to celebrate a uniquely American story: the triumph of a less-talented younger brother over his more-talented brother’s more-talented arch-nemesis…. Imagine the economic ripples to come: Goldman Sachs executives, caught up in the jubilant celebration outside their offices, decide to forgive billions in underwater mortgages. Homeowners, relieved of their burdensome debts, hit the stores to buy up Ahmad Bradshaw bobbleheads and some of those tough, American-made Chryslers that Clint Eastwoodwas talking about at halftime. The ensuing manufacturing renaissance restores American competitiveness, while the sudden fuel-efficiency gains from all those new cars help drive down oil prices, putting still more money in Americans’ wallets. Washington politicians, inspired by New York’s example, end their partisan infighting and agree on sensible, comprehensive budget reform, leaving the U.S. on firmer financial footing. Europe, seeing the power of football, gives up soccer entirely and experiences a sudden surge in productivity that miraculously resolves the continent’s debt crisis. In short, the Giants’ victory ushers in an era of global prosperity. The grateful masses give the credit to Madonna, who boldly called for world peace at the end of her halftime performance. Eli Manning humbly lets her bask in the spotlight, his goofy grin giving no hint of his critical role ending poverty and conflict.

And for all the Gingas out there, here’s M.I.A’s salute for all the good work the US of A has been doing in the Middle East this past decade:

M.I.A - "Born Free"

Off to find Giants … in San Francisco

My sources report that there be Giants in San Francisco. Although I understand this is the season in which Giants hibernate, I’m off to San Francisco to find them. I’ll be hunting during the daylight hours in two main locations: ETS and SBL/AAR. I should be able to get a good lead on them there, for the Giants of San Francisco are all named after men in the Gospels:

Fun fact:

Felipe, Matty and Jesus were all on the roster of the San Francisco Giants at the same time in the 1960s and in 1963 they became the first trio of siblings to man outfield spots in the same lineup.

During the night hours, my search will intensify as I investigate various and sundry secret locales.

Whatever my findings, you will hear about it right here, this Giant channel.

André The Giant: Why Grown Men Love Wrestling

WrestleMania IIILucas Timmons, a Mutha Canucker and journalist for the Edmonton Journal, asks:

Professional wrestling is a soap opera with violence. But what makes it so popular, even with grown men?

He comes up with five reasons, the third of which is wrestling’s construction of “legend” … including one legend about a Giant:

3. Legend

These men are larger than life not only in physical terms — Andre the Giant was billed as seven foot four and 520 pounds — but also in legend.

Before WrestleMania III, folklore had it that Andre had never been defeated nor been body slammed. Neither was strictly true, but the crowd, captivated by this titan of a man, was willing to take his legend at face value.

It took another titan, Hulk Hogan, to lift the behemoth above his shoulders and slam him to the ground. Hogan solidified his legend in that ring and all wrestling fans know the narrative.

Alas, poor André, I remember Hulk Hogan’s body slam well.

“Wrestlers, who are very experienced, know perfectly how to direct the spontaneous episodes of the fight so as to make them conform to the image which the public has of the great legendary theme of its mythology. A wrestler can irritate or disgust, he never disappoints, for he always accomplishes completely, by a progressive solidification of signs, what the public expects of him…. What is portrayed by wrestling is therefore an ideal understanding of things; it is the euphoria of men raised for a while above the constitutive ambiguity of everyday situations and placed before the panoramic view of a univocal Nature, in which signs at last correspond to causes, without obstacle, without evasion, without contradiction.”
– Roland Barthes, “The World of Wrestling”, Mythologies

Roland also notes that “what wrestling is above all meant to portray is a purely moral concept: that of justice”. Roland points out that “in America wrestling represents a sort of mythological fight between Good and Evil (of a quasi-political nature, the ‘bad’ wrestler always being supposed to be a Red)”.

On that note, this is the Hulkster’s response to the recent UK riots, after a lifetime within the black-and-white world of professional wrestling:

“Y’know, it doesn’t really matter if Hulk Hogan’s over there bodyslamming all the youth like I did Andre the Giant but, at the end of the day, we need to grab these kids, shake them, and say ‘Stop! Regroup! Just look at yourself in the mirror…. Is this what you want the mirror image of your life to be? Is this what you want your destiny to be?’ … Now it’s time to change directions. Even if the state has to step in and really focus on getting these kids back on track. But, you know what? I will do anything because I love my UK Hulkamaniacs.”
– Hulk Hogan, on Richard Bacon’s BBC radio show, per OK! Magazine