David’s Secret Weapon

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David's Secret Weapon

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David and Goliath iPad / iPod / iPhone app

David and Goliath TabTale iPad App
David and Goliath TabTale iPad App

In its press release of 11 February 2011, TabTale announces an interactive ‘David and Goliath’ app for iPad (and iPhone, iPod touch, etc, etc):

Built on TabTale creative driven platform for rapid creation of high-quality interactive content for smart devices – The Story of David and Goliath brings to life the breathtaking battle between young David, the future king of Israel and Goliath, the giant philistine warier [sic]. Full with innovative and engaging activities built within the app, TabTale helps stimulate children`s creativity and imagination in an enjoyable and interactive way, like never seen before.

‘TabTale Release First Interactive Bible Tale Children’s App For iPad’

The app describes Goliath as a “giant – the size of a mountain”. However, in the illustrations he is about twice the size of the Philistines – not really mountain-sized at all. (Although, there is a mountain behind him with which, in forced perspective, he is the same size. And there is a long association of Giants with mountains, with Giants sometimes getting trapped under them.) Goliath is not explicitly described as a “Giant” in 1 Samuel 17, although his height in the proto-Masoretic text implies he is a Giant, because he is just under 10 feet tall – about twice the average size of humans in the Levant in antiquity. The story is retold in badly rhyming couplets:

"A mighty giant - the size of a mountain"
"A mighty giant - the size of a mountain"

A shield on the right arm?? Not likely for a warrior. (Compare the biblical account, which mentions shield-bearers.)

It’s available at the iTunes store, as are earlier stories in the series, ‘Goldilocks’ and ‘Christmas Tale’. The story of Noah’s Ark is coming out later this year.