Angels Fall… for Lynx Deoderant

Doug Chaplin (Clayboy) alerts us to a Lynx deoderant advertisement which, in its adaptation of the fallen angel myth, changes the gender of the transgressors from male to female angels. In the advertisement, female angels drop from the skies, swarm in on an unsuspecting male Lynx-deoderant-wearer, and throw down their halos in anticipation of some hot, steamy, and trangressive angelic-human copulation. Have a watch:

Click to view the Lynx Excite Advert - "Even Angels Will Fall" (1:31)
Click to view the Lynx Excite Advert - "Even Angels Will Fall" (1:31)

Doug Chaplin lists a few of the contemporary cultural values which he believes are reflected in this recent reception of the fallen angel myth.

James McGrath (Exploring Our Matrix) comments on the curious synchronicity between Doug Chaplin’s blog post and the Remnant of Giants post from yesterday which examined the development of the fallen angel myth witnessed in the Testament of Reuben, 1 Corinthians, and The Almighty Biblewhere women seduce angels, instead of the other way around.

A swarm of fallen angels