Lezle Luketina-JohnstonLego artist Lezle Luketina-Johnston’s “artistic freedom” and “religious freedom” have come under attack by BrickCon New Zealand.

“Lezle Luketina-Johnston created a series of 12 well-known Bible stories and was surprised and offended when BrickCon New Zealand organisers asked him to tone them down.

The organisers were concerned about five of the 12 scenes that contained a naked Adam and Eve and other naked figures with Lego-tile bricks acting as breasts.

There was also a bloody scene of David’s defeat of Goliath,  Abraham about to sacrifice his son on an alter with a knife and a soldier in King Solomon’s court about to cut a baby in half.​”

– Paul Mitchell, “Lego dispute of biblical proportions sees Bible loving exhibitor walk from show“, Stuff, 31 May 2019

Told by the exhibition’s organizers that he couldn’t display knives beside children (in Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac) and that he couldn’t exhibit David cutting off Goliath’s head, Luketina-Johnston refused to alter his biblical lego scenes. As he contended, such alterations would compromise his artistic and religious integrity – in making lego models. Here’s a photo of the David & Goliath scene which Luketina-Johnston will now not exhibit at BrickCon New Zealand:

As David Gee (Friendly Atheist) comments on the biggest Lego controversy to hit New Zealand in 2019, “it’s ironic that depictions of Adam and Eve, David and Goliath, Abraham and Isaac, and others would be standard fare for kids’ classes at church but too sexual or violent for a LEGO convention. It’s tempting to say the censorship went too far, but perhaps churches don’t go far enough.”