According to Sardinian legend, some of the giant, Nephilim-descended Canaanites who fled from the Israelites during the Conquest of Canaan ended up on the Mediterranean island. And today you can – allegedly – see where they were buried, in the so-called ‘tombs of the giants’, together with the megalithic architecture and statues which they left behind.

Unsurprisingly, these legends have provided great fodder for modern giant-hunters and conspiracy theorists. On 27 July 2018, in episode 8 of season 13 (“Island of the Giants”), the television show Ancient Aliens has a look at the Sardinian Nephilim.

Author and ‘alternative archaeology’-debunker Jason Colavito provides a scathing review of the show on his website.

[In the Ancient Aliens episode,] we view the statues created by the Nuragic civilization of Bronze Age Sardinia, and the show compares the statues to robots because they have highly stylized faces with large round eyes. They resemble the malfunctioning robot from an early episode of Scooby-Doo Where Are You? (S01E08) and [Timothy] Alberino jumps in to allege that the statues are proof that archaeology cannot explain the history of Sardinia. These statues are called “giants,” but they are not actually gigantic. Our heroes stand next to them, and they are the same height.

It’s a good, and somewhat amusing, review.