The following dissertation earned a student from American “Christian College” George Fox ‘University’ a doctorate in February 2018:


Jerry F. Ressa

ABSTRACT This study seeks to propose evidences as to how and why the contemporary Christian church is satanically influenced, resulting in pain and suffering from devastating personal dysfunctions, interpersonal conflicts and divisions. This situation presents a great dilemma facing many, if not most, Christians in that they simply do not understand and are unaware of profound life altering significances of the spiritual battle being waged for souls and the satanic deceptions that draw people away from God. Satan, his fallen angels, and demons influence Christians and others through his primary tools of deceit and deception, delivered to the culture through media, radio, newspaper, television, blogs, Internet and social media, diabolically present the thesis of post-modernity, which centers on a self-fulfillment philosophy that adjudicates all morals, virtues, wisdom, and instruction by each person’s individual standards developed in one’s own mind. Satan’s deceptions fashion the post-modern consumer culture with God given free will and choice to discern what is right, what is wrong and what is best for each individual, based on one’s own understanding and desires. One of Satan’s deceptions is that his evil is presented as a thorn in God’s side and a menace to humankind as a result of personal sin. The thesis presented in this study, intends to clearly show how Satan, his fallen angels, and demons, coupled with their delivery of evil on humankind and the environment, does indeed ultimately bring glory to God and salvation to humanity. 

Expected outcomes encourage priests, pastors, professors, and teachers to become aware of deceptions masking satanic influences causing divisions in relationships and in churches. Mitigation measures discussed in Chapter Six, if exercised, will seek to stabilize and improve relationships among believers and the church family.

And – I’m not kidding – you can now call the author “a DMin”. I was especially impressed with Mr Ressa’s acknowledgement of his advisor, which is suggestive of a deep relationship:

I am deeply endowed to Dr. Michael Gama, Technical Advisor…

The thesis is available online at George Fox ‘University’, for your reading pleasure. It includes choice scholarly writing and insights such as the following:

“One is reminded here of Romans packing the Coliseum in the first century…”

“Satan is the ultimate liar and the root cause of deceit and deception behind masking the truth about all of life, including big money and politics. It is factual that much of media control dispenses only information that shapes a controlled worldview and that is deception.”

“As a former military commander, I have learned the profound importance of knowing everything about the enemy before battle engagement, including its tactics. That said, leadership, especially in Western European and American churches, seems to lack the right lens for understanding the spiritual strategies needed to clearly see and counter Satan’s deceit and deceptions delivered to Christian churches and their members.”

“…. spiritual warfare scholar Dr. Chuck Lawless…”

“It seems clear from these analyses of the study of cultures, the various forces in culture such as humanism, relativism, materialism and their respective influences upon societies, particularly post-modern consumer culture, that through human influences that shape culture, culture then appears to correspondingly shape some people and their worldviews.”

“further education and teaching administered through a designed spiritual formation track is recommended. Such a program could be administered over a sixteen-week semester that would focus class learning on Satan and evil as God sees them. The scope of study would be a development of a university-level practical theological course of study highlighting six steps of satanic influence management and mitigation”

The question in my mind is whether the dissertation is really as crazy as it sounds, or if this is just an attempt to make American Christianity look ridiculous… by Satan.