Tavis Bohlinger, at The Logos Academic Blog, [posts a copy of] what is undoubtedly the most exciting poster to advertise conference papers on the Synoptic Problem. Ever.

Here it is, in its full glory, [as designed by Alan Garrow]:

The exchange will take place at the British New Testament Conference, where nothing particularly exciting has taken place since 1974, when somebody forgot to book the room for morning prayers.

So this has certainly upped the ante for excitement at BNTC.

The paper and response on September 7, 2018 at St Mary’s University, London, will consider whether Matthew used Luke as a source (Garrow) or Luke used Matthew (Goodacre).

You may ask, what of “Q”, the hypothetical shared source(s) used by Matthew and Luke? C’mon, that’s soooooo last century.

Oh, and “paper view”. Nice.