Whatever happened to this giant skull, pictured on display at Harvard Medical School, in ca. 1929? Was it suppressed as part of a worldwide cover-up of Nephilim bones by nefarious atheist scientists?

No. The picture is of anatomist Harris Peyton Mosher (1867-1954) with a giant teaching skull. Harris Mosher was, at the time, Professor of Laryngology at the Harvard Medical School and Chief of Laryngology at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

According to Dr. Robert A. Jahrsdoerfer (MD), Mosher was “a Goliath in the field of otolaryngology and a living legend in his time” (“A Century of Progress: Harris Peyton Mosher: The Man Behind the Award”, Laryngoscope 106 [November 1996]: 1323-1325).

h/t: @PaleoAnthropology+