They’ve done it.

The latest issue of The Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus (14, no. 1 [2016]) has defined the neue Zeitgeist for future study of the Historical Jesus (nb. this is not, by any means, the Fourth Quest… well, ok, maybe it’s the Fourth Quest, but they’re not saying it, ok?)

This issue of JSHJ marks a turning-point in the field.

Details are in the twin-editorial by new editors Anthony Le Donne and James G. Crossley, but the “neue Zeitgeist” (the NZ) can be boiled down to this:

  1. Memory
  2. Metacriticism

As examples of NZ Historical Jesus studies, the issue offers Dale Allison and Richard Bauckham on social memory. In respect of metacriticism, “The essay by Robert Myles … provides an exemplar” (Le Donne 2016:4).

We are in exciting times for Historical Jesus scholarship. Exciting times.