Writings by Ancient Rephaim Found! The Lost Book of King Og

King Og of Bashan depicted against ordinary Israelite
King Og of Bashan depicted against ordinary Israelite

It has been long rumoured that a work by King Og, the last of the Rephaim/Giants, was hidden in the Secret Vatican Library in the Department of Ancient Documents and Surviving Occult Findings

In the past few days, the existence of the Lost Book of King Og the Giant (dated ca. 1400 BCE) has been confirmed by the murkier recesses of the internet. A new website, The Lost Book of King Og has made available an English translation of the largely extant Chapter 7 of this ancient seven-chapter work.

The contents are fascinating. Chapter 7 begins with taunts from King Og to Israel, in which the former appears to compare Israel to ants buried in fecal matter. There are also tantalizing references to “my brethren” which seem to refer to the antediluvian Nephilim (Gen 6:4).

Are the tales of my [exploits] not [traveling] to you O [fecal worm?] of Israel? Of my power [. . .] renowned fields of my [Pre-Adamic/Pre-Watcher][Nephilim] brethren? [. . .murder. . .] How we turned our wrath [. . .mercy. . .a foreigner. . .] the old world stood.

In another section of the chapter, King Og declares that his age is 800 years – confirming the great age attributed to Giants in other ancient texts. This puts his birth a little after the Flood, according the Bible’s internal chronology (which suggests the “translator” may have miscalculated a little).

It is a truly incredible find. Read the published translation of Chapter 7 of The Lost Book of King Og here.

The publication of The Lost Book of King Og provides further evidence of the existence of giants at the time of the conquest. It may be compared to the letter sent by the Confederation of Giants to Joshua, found in Book 27 of the Samaritan Book of Joshua, the original of which may well date as early as the invasion of the land of Canaan in ca. 1456 BCE.

The translator of The Lost Book of King Og, Demmon, is also the author of an online serialized werewolf story, The Gonteekwaa much longer work of fiction.




38 thoughts on “Writings by Ancient Rephaim Found! The Lost Book of King Og

  1. Very interesting if this was taken from a real cuneiform tablet from 1400 which would likely be inscribed in Ugaritic. But if this is just some Gnostic text in Greek or some hidden tablet never seen by anyone else besides Vatican then seems highly dubious.


  2. After reading that supposed 7th Chapter, I find it very odd, that there is no other corroborating transcripts, let alone having access to that tablet, so that other interpretive translations can be made and evaluated.

    That translation takes too many liberties with language. I seriously doubt that, that long ago there was even an Israel, let alone Israelites, other than a people that Moses supposedly freed from the grip of the Pharaohs of Egypt.

    Also, what most humans do not understand is the Gods spoken of in the bible were no more than Off Planet Aliens. IE: The Nephilim were hybrids of hybrids, as the original human, (Adam) was a hybrid between the bipedal species on earth and the Aliens “who down from heaven came”.

    It is time for humans to wake up to just who our original mother and father were. Religionist need to stop thinking in terms of Gods being these non existent “things” up in a non existent heaven. In the 21st Century it is time to wake up and get real about our reality.

    There are many species of Bi-Pedal entities in our universe, and our government knows it, but is loathed to expose this knowledge for fear that the ignorant humans of earth will fall into a state of apoplexy and hysteria.


    • From your first two paragraphs, Rumplestiltskin, I can tell that you have a critical mind and skeptical temperament.

      Yet, not always.


    • The beings that you are referring to are the Fallen Angels that procreated with human women and produced the offspring of Giants..Every culture has a story about it and every culture also has a great flood story. So whether you want to believe it or not, I don’t care, but the truth is in the Bible in Genesis 6…….


  3. I believe this text or book of og ,because my spirit agrees ( holy spirit) with it. I believe there are a lot more hidden things coming out in these last days for some reason, we must pray for the answer how to act upon this knowledge, for some it is on a individual bases, to do intersession based on the answer from our LORD.after all this is a spiritual battle, is it not?
    Sincerely blessings Charles


  4. It is paramount; to comprehend, and accept as truth, that the rumors that the Vatican holds the largest library in the world are true. within this contains proofs that leaders did not want this knowledge shared. And yet, within the Bible we find the words, that there is nothing new under the sun. That what once was known, will be known again. (yes, I know that is not verbatim).
    Furthermore, can ANYONE deny all the proof that exists, that giants truly did live once upon this earth?
    The Council of Nicea agreed to withhold books that they felt would endanger the dogma that constructed the Catholic Church.
    It is quite possible this Book of Og does exist. And that this is the time decided to release just enough info to cause confusion, doubt and create a loss of Faith. Create conflict amongst many and then use that conflict to their advantage.
    that which has been hidden will be revealed.
    And our time may well be ripe for said ‘hidden knowledge’ to be revealed.
    Be wary, and curb the sarcasm and ridicule. About information being ‘learned’ a very smart and brave man once said something I found to be helpful and profound. It doesn’t matter what YOU believe, it IS important, to SEE what it is that the powers that control us believe. To put it simply. YOU can praise the holy twinkie. BUT, if you IGNORE, that the people that can, and do, control our way of life BELIEVE in Lucifer, then you deserve what happens to you.
    If THEY, do NOT believe in ‘other gods’, then why go through all the motions to display that they do?


  5. This looks like a new James bone box or Jesuse family grave hoax to me. However, I do believe that other more complet copies of the fragmented book of the giants exist in China but that we will never see them. I wish this was real but there is not much evidence and then it links to a “Christian” pulp thriller text. Looks fake because of that.
    Who ever


  6. What nonsense. The author of the post points to another website of his own creation. which is the only other reference to the existence of this book. Anonymous translator? No scholarly references?

    Note that this was NOT posted on April 1, which would have been fun, but points to a site dated as 3-28. So I guess this website has no intention of being a serious, scholarly one.

    Waste of time.


    • Well on the serious note, the bible said these were here as in the days of Noah AND AFTER… That’s the only authority I trust and put My Faith in… It’s kinda funny, but really more aggravating!!!


    • The author of The Lost Book of King Og is “Demmon”, not me. As I stated, Demmon is also the author of an online serialized werewolf story, The Gonteekwa, another “work of fiction”, and published his “Lost Book” on “the murkier recesses of the internet”. All this indicated the spurious nature of the work.

      However, as this site examines the reception of biblical giants, Demmon’s Lost Book of King Og is just as worthy of examination as any other work.


  7. I dont agree with the type of comedy in this post. it is not funny to trick people to lead them to believe something false if there is no disclaimer for people. I am well learned on apocrypha books, and this book of king og is a parody of the real book of ogias the giant, which is the book of giants.

    personally I think you should make it clearer that this is a joke. like include more outrageous elements to the story or a clear joke at the end. otherwise you run the risk of being a liar and a deceiver all at the expense of a silly joke. granted, if this was an april fools joke, thats not so bad. but since you still have this up, it seems you are making this a joke like onion news site.


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