The assured results of Son of Man scholarship

“Virtually certain”:

“Personally I think it is highly likely that the tradition of Jesus referring to himself as the ‘son of man’ does indeed go back to Jesus himself…. The probability in this case is so high that it can be regarded as virtually certain.”

– James D.G. Dunn, “The Son of Man in Mark”, p. 24

“A probability bordering on certainty”:

“Alle Worte vom kommenden Menschensohn stammen mit einer an Sicherheit grenzenden Wahrscheinlichkeit nicht vom historischen Jesus”

“No saying about the coming Son of Man, with a probability bordering on certainty, comes from the historical Jesus.”

– Philipp Vielhauer, “Gottesreich und Menschensohn in der Verkündigung Jesu”, p. 71



6 thoughts on “The assured results of Son of Man scholarship

  1. Fun, and I hate to be boring but … leaving aside the generational difference, the contrast is between Dunn’s “referring to himself as ‘the son of man'” and Vielhauer’s “Alle Worte vom kommenden Menschensohn” and there are plenty of scholars who have held a version of present but not future sayings


    • Yes, you’re technically right of course. Although… take out the future SoM sayings, and there’s not much left, and it’s no longer as distinctive as Dunn would have it, is it? So the rival certainties are still kinda funny.


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