How Tall is Bashar Al-Assad compared to Goliath?

Is Bashar Al-Assad taller than Goliath?

Goliath versus Bashar Al-Assad

No. The President of Syria is 6’2½” (189cm), which is about half a foot (13cm) shorter than Goliath.

Note: In the various manuscripts of 1 Samuel 17, Goliath’s height ranges from 4½ cubits (6’8″ or 202cm) to 6½ cubits (9’7″ or 293cm). However, the earliest manuscripts have Goliath’s height at 4½ cubits, and this was at a time when the height of your average “Israelite” would have been 3½ cubits (5’3″ or 162cm). Therefore, the manuscripts which put Goliath’s height at 6½ cubits probably reflect a later exaggeration. The “cubit” was not an exact measure, but referred to the length of the forearm – from the elbow to the tip of the finger. But we have assumed for the purposes of making this comparison that one cubit = 45cm (just under 18″).


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4 responses to “How Tall is Bashar Al-Assad compared to Goliath?

  1. C’mon! You gotta make Goliath taller! He’s not much of a giant at that size. :(


  2. linchpin

    Goliath was “6 cubits and a span” tall. A cubit ranged from 17.5 to 20.6 inches long (the average mans arm length from elbow to finger tip, if some rogue manuscript mention that Goliath was only 4.5 cubit, his cubit length must have been 25 inches long) and a span is around 9 inches which would make Goliath around 10 feet tall (at minimum height 9 feet 9 inches). Not to mention that he was a fully armed with over 200 pounds of armour I mean, his spear head alone was 20 pounds; he was no sissy. King Og of Bashan in the Old Testament his bed was made of Iron to support his immense weight and the bed was around 14 feet long 6 feet wide. Please, if using the Bible to back up or compare info please use the King James version along with Strong’s Concordance and Bible dictionary; You will then get an accurate translation compared to todays messed up changes in vocabulary and dictionary definitions.


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