How Tall was André the Giant compared to Goliath?

Was André the Giant taller than Goliath?

Goliath versus Andre the Giant

Yes. The legendary wrestler and star of The Princess Bride was 7’4″ (224cm) – more than half a foot taller than Goliath.

Note: In the various manuscripts of 1 Samuel 17, Goliath’s height ranges from 4½ cubits (6’8″ or 202cm) to 6½ cubits (9’7″ or 293cm). However, the earliest manuscripts have Goliath’s height at 4½ cubits, and this was at a time when the height of your average “Israelite” would have been 3½ cubits (5’3″ or 162cm). Therefore, the manuscripts which put Goliath’s height at 6½ cubits probably reflect a later exaggeration. The “cubit” was not an exact measure, but referred to the length of the forearm – from the elbow to the tip of the finger. But we have assumed for the purposes of making this comparison that one cubit = 45cm (just under 18″).

4 thoughts on “How Tall was André the Giant compared to Goliath?

  1. giants
    you must know your creation story before you can understand h
    giants. bits and pieces from all over the place is good to get you interested but here is the low down.
    Eve had three boys, Cain Abel and Seth. if you didn’t know about Seth then get ready and strap yourself in, it is so simple to work out.Adam in Hebrew means red, Adam only had two boys and both were reds, Eve was also a red.reds and blondes are very close. Noah married Naamah a beautiful black and cainite . we are all part white part black. Ham was her son means black in Hebrew

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  2. this program is hard on mobile.
    Noah was of seths line his wife Naamah was a Cainite. black and fair
    Ham Noahs son means burnt in Hebrew he was a black.
    his son Cush father of cushites was black, his brother was Canaan.
    Cush son was Nimrod a black giant.
    Sem was another son he was said to be handsome with auburn hair and olive skin. over one billion people claim to be his descendants the semites who are Arabs and Jews.
    Goliath was a Canaanite he was descended from Canaan he was a black giant.


  3. Cain was born of the serpent serpent seed.

    Noahs third son was japheth he was a fair like a sethite. like his fad Ham was like his mum.
    we are all part white part black.
    Nimrod had a massive battle over Babylon with the japhites and we lost. Nimrod sent us packing to Europe.
    wikipedia on Nimrod has him defeating the japhites.


  4. Abraham the leader of the Semites battled Nimrod twice.
    Arabs and Jews say they come from Abe their all semites children ifof Sem.
    when Moses now a jacobite semite came out ofthe desert or Joshua by now Moses died into the lands of Canaan the land of the children of Canaan the black giants.


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