New in Swedish Nephilim Crime Fiction

nefilim-asa-schwarzCrime Fiction writer Åsa Schwarz’s Nefilim has been published in English translation, as Nephilim (Stockholm Text, August 2013).

The premise of Nephilim is (as you might guess from the title) that there are a special group of people among us, ones who protect their secret, that they are descended from fallen angels. But the opening concerns two interpolated stories, one about a wealthy American who believes he is about to uncover the remains of the ark on top of Mount Ararat, its contours having been revealed by global warming and ice melt. He’s a bit of a religious nutter, but fortunately he doesn’t get a lot of page time. In the second story, a group of activists in Stockholm are planning an assault on a corporation that is contributing to global warming by breaking into the opulent home of one of its owners and spray-painting messages on the wall.

– Barbara Fister, “Review of Nephilim by Asa Schwarz“, Scandinavian Crime Fiction, 20 August 2013

Åsa Schwarz explains how she was inspired to write this novel:

Nephilim, by Åsa Schwarz (the English translation)
Nephilim, by Åsa Schwarz (the English translation)

One day I got an e-mail that would change my life. It contained a link from my friend Carin about The Nephilim. According to the web site, they were a mixture between human beings and fallen angels, and they are supposed to have been swept away by the Flood. What a novel this could be, wrote Carin. Sure, I thought. But someone else will have to write it. I couldn’t see a story angle that interested me enough to want to sit down in front of the computer and start writing…. I heard the newscaster say that the UN climate change panel had published a report detailing how much the sea level had already risen. They estimated that the sea level would rise a further few decimeters before 2099. Nobody knew exactly what the consequences of global warming would be, but one thing was certain – there would be a catastrophy. The sea level is rising, I thought. The sea level is rising. Why did that sound familiar? Where had I read about great bodies of water recently? Suddenly the penny dropped. Carin’s e-mail. The Nephilim. The Flood. The world is submerged under water. Is a new Flood on its way? What if The Nephilim weren’t swept away by the first Flood? What if they are right here, right now – among us?

– Åsa Schwarz, “Åsa Schwarz: Nephilim“, Mystery Fanfare, 13 August 2013


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