Jim Davila has just posted a list of search terms on search engines which, over the last year, ended up on his blog, PaleoJudaica.com.

So, I thought I’d do something similar for Remnant of Giants. Here is a list of search terms which  had 50 or more referrals to this blog over the last year. Like Jim, I have also arranged the terms thematically:


kim kardashian
kim kardashian height; how tall is kim kardashian; kim kardashian tall
how tall is kris humphries; kris humphries height [searches for the respective heights of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are consistently the most popular searches arriving at Remnant of Giants, and they end up here]
jack the giant slayer; jack and the giant slayer; jack.the.giant.slayer; jack and the giants; jack the giant killer
amelia pond
noah film
ri myung hun


giants in the bible; biblical giants; giants of the bible; bible giants; giants from the bible; giants bible; who were the giants in the bible; giants in bible
ancient giants
how tall were the giants in the bible; how big were the giants in the bible; how tall were giants in the bible; how tall are giants
how tall were people in biblical times
cubits to feet; cubit to feet [probably found my post about the cubit-to-feet converter]
5 cubits tall
king og; og of bashan; og king of bashan; king og of bashan; og the giant; og giant; king of og
king og of bashan height; how tall was king og
goliath; goliath of gath
goliath the giant; goliath giant
what was goliath
was goliath real
goliath height; how tall was goliath; height of goliath; goliath’s height; how big was goliath; how tall was goliath in the bible; was goliath a giant; goliath size comparison; how big was goliath compared to david; how tall was goliath in feet; how tall is goliath; the height of goliath; goliaths height; what was the height of goliath
goliath skull found; goliath skull; goliath’s skull; skull of goliath; goliath’s skull found; goliath skull found in holy land; goliath’s skull found in holy land; skull of goliath found; goliath skull found near jerusalem; goliath skeleton found; goliath found; goliaths skull; goliath bones found; goliath’s head found [These searches are mainly prompted by a fictional story in the Weekly World News from 1993; although some of them are perhaps prompted by news reports in which the word “Goliath” was (wrongly) reported as having been found at Gath]
david and goliath
anakim; anakim giants; anakims; anakim people; anakims giants; anakim giants bible; anakims in the bible; who were the anakim; anakim in the bible
gibborim nephilim
zamzummim; zamzummims
ishbibenob [A surprisingly popular giant, outranking searches for the Emim; searchers get an article on The Brick Testament]


giant of castelnau; the giant of castelnau
davey and goliath
watusi tribe; watusi people
watusi tribe average height; watusi tribe height; tutsi height
watusi giants [which all land on this article about colonial myths of giant Tutsi]
negro mountain [to wit]
giant skeletons; giant skeletons found
six fingered giants
how tall was achilles
giants in australia [because the French did discover giants in Australia]
tall women comparison

gog and magog
philistine woman
emzara [well, more like biblical reception]


jesus rising from the dead
pics of angels and jesus
jesus is a cunt
jesus in heaven


francesca stavrakopoulou
jean-fabrice nardelli
loren stuckenbruck


steve quayle giants


charlotte von kirschbaum [which arrive on The Karl and Charlotte Collection series]


macrophilia; macrophilia porn; macrophiliac
gay macrophilia; macrophilia gay
giantess porn
giant porn
giant vore; giant man vore
he thong; he thong art; hethong
sex angels; sex with angels; sex with an angel; angel sex; sex angel; fallen angel sex; angels sex; sex with angel [There are a handful of posts on this topic, the most popular of which is my invaluable and meticulously researched guide, How Do You Know When You’re Having Sex With a Fallen Angel? Some Handy Hints from a Biblical Scholar. Some searches are prompted by the current craze for fallen angel romantic fiction: see here and here.]
men in thongs; man thong; man in thong
how to seduce a christian woman; how to seduce a christian women; how to seduce a christian girl [Yes, almost as creepy as the President of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics UK – but hopefully searchers learned something from The Testament of Reuben]


remnant of giants


caravaggio david
anatole france
gay embrace
angel wars book

And just to show you some of the stranger search terms which Remnant of Giants gets, here is a selection of more rare search terms from the last week:

“giantess tiny men cunt story”
“giant north korean soldier”
“giantess stinky feet”
“biblical names of mans gentials [sic]”
“tiny people with their giants”
“‘michael kok‘ philosopher”
“girls seduce and fuck with in church”
“can a woman have sex with an angel and seem like a dream?”
“gushing female organism [sic]”
“does russell crowe ever play an angel”
“guys tell me that i am an angel what does that mean”
“how would giant gonzales look next to robert wadlow?”
“men kissing devoutly feet of women”
“is francesca stavrakopoulou married”
“do dwarves have normal sized genitalia”

This is mildly interesting. Let’s turn it into a meme. I tag Emma England, Gavin Rumney, Michael Kok, Jack Collins, and Robert Cargill.

Update: Tracing the Meme

Michael Kok, Euangelion Kata Markon

Rodney A. Thomas, Political Jesus