Is Nephilim Romantic Fiction a Sign of the End Times?

First it was the Twilight series, now it is the Nephilim. Can’t be long now.

We have arrived at a particular time in history, spoken of by Jesus (‘as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man’) – in other words, this ancient bit of history in which the Nephilim descended to Earth and took human wives is about to be replayed. And it’s being presaged by a number of book and movie themes that are centred on the supernatural and now by this new book, The Age of Eve: The Return of the Nephilim, written by Ms. Pratt, is something that is trying to do for the Nephilim what other novels have done for vampires, werewolves, other types of supernatural effects and phenomena. This is the world in which we live, folks.

– Gary Stearman, Prophecy In The News, 1 March 2013

See also: Remnant of Giants, “New Nephilim Paranormal Romantic Fiction from Quantum Leap writer”.

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