Atheist Biblical Criticism on “Who Killed Goliath?”

Who killed Goliath?An interesting new blog called Atheist Biblical Criticism has come to my attention, after the blogger left a comment here at Remnant of Giants. The blogger, who describes him/herself as “an ex-evangelical christian (and ex-Roman Catholic, ex-Anglican, ex-liberal christian)”, appears to have training in biblical studies and is based in the United Kingdom. He/she is currently tackling that old dilemma: “Who killed Goliath?”, which concerns the contradictory reporting of the death of Goliath at the hands of both David (1 Samuel 17) and Elhanan (2 Samuel 21.19). The posts so far in Atheist Biblical Criticism’s series are:

 1. Goliath: Who killed Goliath?

2. Who killed Goliath? (Part 2)

[3. Who killed Goliath? (Part 3)]

A very worthy topic!

The same question was discussed on Claude Mariottini’s blog in 2011, in three posts (part 1, part 2, part 3). But Claude’s attempt to answer the question was overtly apologetic and therefore should be read with care. Remnant of Giants responded soon after the series was completed to point out its major weaknesses as I saw them. One of those weaknesses is that Claude relies on an incorrect reporting of an inscription found at Tel es-Safi which wrongly identified the two names inscribed on it (’lwt and wlt) as equivalent to gwlyt/Goliath. These are definitely not the name “Goliath”. Remnant of Giants has recently also dealt with the erroneous interpretation of the Tel es-Safi inscription.

Have a read of Atheist Biblical Criticism’s “Who Killed Goliath?” series, beginning here.


4 thoughts on “Atheist Biblical Criticism on “Who Killed Goliath?”

  1. Most worthy, learned sir. Its historical importance recalls nothing less than a discussion I had with an acquaintance in a drinking establishment this northern summer past in which the position taken by the broadly Eurocommunist tendency in the late CPGB on the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan was thoroughly debated, with reference to the apparent Brezhnevism of the so-called Tankist or “Tankie” tendency (in its far from uniformly or dogmatically pro-Moscow thinking).

    A short pamphlet is forthcoming from the Concerned Workers Correspondence Society Press.


    • Oh, come now. You sociologists, with your vigorous requirement for social relevance and empirical verification. Well, I rise to your challenge, sir! Watch this space. I will soon bring you … the New York Times and Washington Post!! Pretty scary!!!


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