Carolyn Rosewood has quickly become one of the most prolific authors on the subject of Nephilim – the hybrid offspring of angels and human women mentioned in Genesis 6.4 and Numbers 13.33.

Since June 2012, she has written six books on the Nephilim, all of them novels. That’s a level of literary fecundity that even the spermatic spluttering pen of Roland Boer would have trouble keeping up with. Here are the titles to Carolyn Rosewood’s books on the Nephilim, which appear in her recently completed Notorious Nephilim series:

1. Spanked by an Angel
2. Seducing the Chambermaid
3. Tempted by Two Angels
4. Her Wanton Ways
5. Cherished by Two Angels
6. Her Dangerous Desires

And there is plenty to interest the serious biblical scholar:

History is full of stories about angels and demons interacting with humans. And there are too many instances of unexplained phenomena in today’s world to completely discount the presence of supernatural creatures.

– Joelle Albright, in Her Wanton Ways, Notorious Nephilim 4 (Siren-Bookstrand, 2012), 3


“Are you familiar with the term Nephilim?” asked Zach.

“What? You mean the ones mentioned in the Bible?”

“Try to forget what you read in there, or what you’ve seen on Google, and think of them more as fallen angels.”

“Fallen? Why fallen?”

“As in they failed to accomplish what they were sent to Earth to do,” said Emmett… “We drank a lot and seduced women, eventually discovering how much more they enjoyed it when… when two of us would share one.”

Heat rushed up from Abigail’s abdomen, over her neck, and onto her face. There was no way to stop it.

– Spanked by an Angel, Notorious Nephilim 1 (Siren-Bookstrand, 2012), 93-94

notoriousnephilim5“The odd feelings in the air, the scents that eminate from you, the way you two hardly eat or sleep, how warm you always are, and your unbelievable stamina in bed. All those things aren’t… You aren’t human.”

“In this form we’re as human as you, Sofia, only with enhanced abilities.”

“Enhanced abilities? What the hell does that mean?”

“Our Nephilim powers.”

Cherished by Two Angels, Notorious Nephilim 5 (Siren-Bookstrand, 2012), 137-38

The academic study of the Notorious Nephilim series has suddenly become an urgent desideratum of Biblical Studies.