An earlier post on Remnant of Giants examined artistic allusions to Caravaggio’s Head of Goliath in paintings by Paul Cadmus, Charlie White, Matthew Stone, and David Dalla Venezia – each of whom, including Caravaggio, painted “David” and “Goliath” with the features of the artist and his imagined lover.

Caravaggio - Head of Goliath 2


A rather different effect is achieved by Italian pop artist, Giuseppe Veneziano, with his statue of David with the head of Goliath, after Caravaggio (2006). As often in Veneziano’s art, his statue takes aim at the nefarious banality of U.S.-led globalized culture.

Here are a few angles on his statue:

veneziano - after-caravaggio5

veneziano - after-caravaggio3

veneziano - after-caravaggio4

veneziano - after-caravaggio2

veneziano - after-caravaggio6