Michaela Mastache is finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at San Francisco Art Institute and requests  your help to make a science fiction film about a spaceship called The Goliath.

Michaela Mastache

For my final semester I’ll be taking a directed study class with renowned independent filmmaker, Mike Kuchar titled From Concept to Fruition: Creating Science Fiction. For this class I will be creating a 30 – 45 minute science fiction film titled The Goliath. The story takes place in the future, aboard The Goliath, the newest, most advanced and most luxurious space cruise ship created and run by the International Goliath Corporation. After learning the about the destruction of earth while on their maiden voyage, the two opposing social classes aboard the ship must learn to work together and compromise in order to survive the new chaos that spreads throughout the galaxy. However, this film isn’t about space, it is about human nature, and what happens when normal people are put into extreme circumstances. This film is about the destruction and survival of humanity. I chose to create this film in the Science Fiction genre because I believe it is a genre that can talk about really big social, political, philosophical ideas while placing them in a world that people of all types can enjoy and understand. This is a project I love and am proud of. I’m putting my entire focus on it for my final semester of school and will be working on it 30 hours a week. To see this world I imagined, these characters I created, this story I dreamed, come to life will mean the world to me and those involved who all want to see it succeed.

The GoliathYou can donate $15, $25, $50, $100, $300, or $1000 to her project on crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo. And there are “perks” for your donation. For $50, you will receive your name in the credits, a Goliath DVD, and even a special edition “The Goliath” t-shirt! For the t-shirt alone, that sounds like a bargain.

Donate her some money at Indiegogo. Some of the actors are already providing their acting services for free:

Michaela's Mom
Michaela’s Mom