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Spoiler alert.


I went to see the 2012 film Prometheus at the movies last year, because it taps into many facets of the current popular reception of giants, Nephilim, and ancient astronaut theory. And as Ridley Scott’s “prequel” to the Alien series, I was curious to find out what he would do with it. My favourite moment in the film is towards the end, when our golden-age ancestors turn out to be  (very white) giants.

I never got around to posting on the film, because I wasn’t sure that I could remember all of its references to the giant-Nephilim-ancient astronaut conspiracy theory (and there are quite a few). But now that it’s out on DVD, it’s up for analysis. And the anonymous blogger at Vigilant Citizen has gone there before me. As Vigilant Citizen does a fairly detailed job of it, albeit with a conspiratorial tone, I’ll just refer readers to his blog and note a couple of interesting points.

Vigilant Citizen notes an interview between director Ridley Scott and The Hollywood Reporter in which the director of Alien and Prometheus acknowledges that he was trying to present “Eric Von Daniken’s ideas of how did we humans come about”. There is no link to the original story, but it can be found here: Scott Roxborough, “Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace Tease ‘Prometheus’ at CineEurope”, The Hollywood Reporter, 28 June 2011.

The other point is that there is a close connection between the reception of the Greek Prometheus story, about the god who “stole fire from heaven”, gave it to humankind, and was cast down from Olympus and the leader of the Watchers or fallen angels in Genesis 6.1-4, 1 Enoch, etc, who stole knowledge from heaven, gave it to humankind, and fell from heaven. In fact, the earliest interpretation of Genesis 6.1-4 as referring to divine beings (the Septuagint and 1 Enoch) may have itself have been influenced by Greek stories of divine-human hybrids and the origins of human knowledge.

Have a read of the post on Prometheus at Vigilant Citizen.