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Remnant of Giants: Top Christian Theology Site

Remnant of Giants: Top Christian Theology Site

Remnant of Giants is one of 100 Exceptional Web Sites for Christian Theologians. We have made the big time and have done so, we feel, without any compromise to our theological integrity.

Here’s their blurb for Remnant of Giants:

”Gigantology” is all about “giants” of the Bible, including Goliath, King Og, and the Anakim. Enjoy the cultural as well as spiritual aspect of including giants in the Bible – and you can help speculate why they exist and how they might contribute to today’s faith.

Other blogs on the list include Bible Films Blog, Gentle Wisdom, BLT, Aristotle’s Feminist Subject, Scotteriology, The Musings of Thomas Verenna, XKV8R, Reading ActsDaniel O. McClellan, Zwinglius Redivivus, The Forbidden Gospels, and NT Blog.

The website Theology Degrees Online is responsible for compiling this elite list. The website does not disclose who the owners are, and indeed it is registered to an anonymising name registration service, but there may be some clues in its links to online theology degrees.

h/t: Phllip J. Long, Reading Acts