Aren Maeir highlights a promotional  crowd-funding video for the proposed GiantKiller Film, Lion of War – a film based on a book from the series written by military chaplain Cliff Graham. The film will portray David’s legendary battle with Goliath. Film-maker David L. Cunningham refers to the film as a “live action, gritty, in-your-face major motion picture … not your Sunday School version”.

Aren Maeir is lead archaeologist at Tel es-Safi, the Arab village destroyed and ethnically cleansed by the Israeli Defence Forces in 1948. Aren doesn’t think that the movie corresponds very closely with “the facts on the ground” at Tel es-Safi, observing that the preview is “very liberal in its interpretation”. As for its depiction of the city of Gath, Aren describes it as “fairy tale land”:

Gath does seem to be a little too close to the coast compared with its traditional location. Perhaps the film-makers were thinking of Gaza. Yet even the Bible can’t quite make up its mind where Gath is –  locating the city both in the northern regions of Philistine territory and the southern Negev. So the film continues the fine biblical tradition of fairy-tale geography.