The Hebrew Edition of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand – for those of you fortunate enough not to have read her books – is the slightly deranged high priestess of neo-liberalism. Her sorry excuses for novels are revered as scripture among champions of the free-market, wielded against any whiff of socialism by opponents of “Big Government”, and quoted from regularly in Ron Paul internet chat-rooms. It’s likely that one of her books is sitting side-by-side with the Family Bible on the shelf of your average talk radio listener in those “red states” of the US of A.

Her most (in)famous novel is Atlas Shrugged. So I was kinda amused to discover the translation of the title of Atlas Shrugged in the Hebrew edition:

איין ראנד, מרד הנפילים

איין ראנד, מרד הנפילים

That’s מרד הנפילים (Mered HaNephilim) or The Revolt of the Nephilim. Finally, something to smile about in Ayn Rand’s unrelenting and turgid fiction.

H/t: J. Lundell


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2 responses to “The Hebrew Edition of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

  1. Perseus Wong

    Who’s deranged? Is it a bunch of polygamist patriarchs who received unprovable revelations in the desert, goes on to create a ‘divinely inspired’ compilation of totalitarian, misogynistic, racist, genocidal, delusional messianic texts?

    Or an educated woman who survived the bolshevik revolution and the ‘social justice’ of a proletariat mob. And goes on to create an intellectual framework to defend the right of an individual such as yourself to pursue and achieve your own happiness free of the claim of eminent domain from another individual or groups of individuals masquerading as ‘government’?

    Or is it the one who can’t tell the qualitative difference between the two?


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