Bollywood does David and Goliath


“Jayasurya-Anoop Menon, the hit duo is teaming up once again after ‘Cocktail’, ‘Beautiful’ and the yet to be released ‘Trivandrum Lodge’. The duo will be seen together once again in national award winning director Rajeevnath’s ‘David & Goliath’.”
“David and Goliath: Jayasurya-Anoop’s Bible inspired next venture”, IBNLive, 18 Sep 2012

Jayasurya and Anoop Menon – teaming up once again, but this time as David and Goliath

“The film’s subject is new and my character David is an innocent countryside boy. He is capable of many things and has strong love in his heart.”
– Jayasurya

“We have taken the biblical characters and given it modern day interpretation. It will show how in every David there resides a strong and courageous Goliath who can win even a difficult battle. The movie will be a complete entertainer.”
– Anoop Menon


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