The Market Value of Your Blog is all that counts

Enough of these biblioblog rankings, and other such mysterious measures of biblical studies blog popularity. As everybody knows, the only true measure of a blog’s worth is what The Market will pay. Everybody now: “All praise to the Invisible Hand!”

Conveniently, provides daily and monthly earnings figures and market values for most websites and blogs. Presumably this is calculated on potential advertising revenue.

According to the calculator-gizmo on that site, Remnant of Giants has earnings of $3.72 daily or $112 per month, and has a market value of $1,897. And yet, I’ve never seen a dime of this. Dammit.

This compares with the Great Whore of Bibloblogdom, Zwinglius Redivivus, which earns $117 daily, $3,510 monthly, and has a market value of $83,745. By contrast, Debunking Christianity is not quite in the same league, earning $51 daily, $1,530 monthly, and has a market value of $34,185. Even the Calvinist-Marxist blog Stalin’s Moustache cannot escape the hegemonic reach of The Market, earning $5.05 daily, $151 monthly, and boasting a market value of $2,639. Whereas, NT Blog (formerly NT Weblog) earns $9.83 daily, $295 monthly, and has a market value of $5,283.

The Market demands constant innovation, more competition, and rewards it with a higher market value. This is why the Greek has a higher level of profitable production than the Barbarian, as Diodorus Siculus points out (in The Library of History, 2.29.5-6):

Among the Greeks, the student who takes up a large number of subjects without preparation turns to the higher studies only quite late, and then, after labouring upon them to some extent, gives them up, being distracted by the necessity of earning a livelihood; and but a few here and there really strip for the higher studies and continue in the pursuit of them as profit-making business, and these are always trying to make innovations in connection with the most important doctrines instead of following in the path of their predecessors. The result of this is that the barbarians, by sticking to the same things always, keep a firm hold on every detail, while the Greeks, on the other hand, aiming at the profit to be made out of the business, keep founding new schools and, wrangling with each other over the most important matters of speculation, bring it about that their pupils hold conflicting views, and that their minds, vacillating throughout their lives and unable to believe at all with firm conviction, simply wander in confusion.


5 thoughts on “The Market Value of Your Blog is all that counts

    • It’s true, Berlusconi Youth. But it is a sentimentalism for a time that never was and never will be. A nihilistic and realistic sentimentalism, dear peasants and workers of the Berlusconi Youth, that’s all. And you can’t take that away from me.


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