The Weekly World News, which in 1993 reported the discovery of the skull of Goliath complete with a stone embedded in its forehead, again has the scoop:

The giant foot print, discovered in rough granite,  is considered by many religious leaders to be The Footprint of God.   It is 4 feet long.  The location of this footprint has  been a deeply sacred, mystical and spiritual place among African knowledge keepers – and a well-guarded secrete.  A footprint that is 4 feet in length means that who or what left it behind must have been approximately 24 feet tall.

… Also discovered near the footprint are giant bones, crystal skulls, strange carvings and sculptures in forms that do not fit into the contemporary view of history and possibly offer evidence of other 15 foot tall giants in the prehistory on our planet.

– Tap Vann, “The Footprint of God”, Weekly World News, 10 February 2012

While the Weekly World News identifies the owner of the footprint as God, pioneer South African rapper Michael Tellinger has a different theory. Tellinger believes that the footprint was made 200,000,000 years ago by an ancient giant alien. In his book Slave Species of God (2005), Tellinger explains that the extraterrestrial giants were called Anunnaki – adapting Zecharia Sitchin’s adventurous theory of the origins of humankind.

To take up Craig Keener’s line of argument, those who deny the veracity of this traditional African knowledge about Giants are obviously blinded by their Western Enlightenment presuppositions … and they’re clearly racist too.