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Giant Vore 2 - by Alterego

Giant Vore 2 – by Alterego

Gay porn site Nightcharm has an instructive guide to Macrophilia, “the intense sexual attraction to literal giants”:

Mammoths with unfettered desires and unyielding bodies! Behemoths breaking seams and busting asses! Grasping! Looming! Dwarfing! Crushing! Cyclopean troglodytes who crave the delicate pleasures that only man can provide! Your body — their plaything. Your world — their toy box!

Juggernauts conquering the globe! Inescapable! Insurmountable! Too big to handle! Too vast to deny!

You’ll satisfy their every whim … or die trying!

Every culture features a variation. The Norse had their factions of giants warring against the godly pantheon of Asgard. Greek mythology tells of the titan Atlas bearing the weight of the world upon his shoulders. In the Sumerian legend of Gilgamesh, the Cedar Forest — where dwell the gods — is guarded by the great ogre Humbaba.

One of the Bible’s central parables is the slaying of lumbering Goliath. American folklore has benevolent lumberjack Paul Bunyan civilizing the American frontier.

– Shawn Baker, “Land of The Giants!: The Mungo World of Macrophilia“, Nightcharm, 19 June 2011
[caution: the article is accompanied by a number of photographs of erect and ejaculating penises, macrophilia, and rimming]

Baker also discusses some of the sub-genres in macrophilia, including “muscle-morphing” (portrayals of superhuman muscles), “Macro-Furryism” (involving huge anthropomorphized cartoon animals ), and various types of giants: “Rampagers” (who level cities and villages), “Vores” (cannibalistic carnivores, that is), “Crushers” (who cater to the crossover foot fetish / macro- philia market), “Growers” (who either shrink to make the ordinary world appear gigantic, or grow to make themselves gigantic), “Masters” (who gather prisoners and make them submit to their filthy whims), and “Collectors” (who keep their little people as pets).

As Baker surmises:

What lurks at the heart of this rara avis is the Power Principle. Be it becoming so lofty in stature that you can have your way with anyone in the palm of your own hand or succumbing to the ardor of a brobdingnagian brute who has the power to kill you if he so chooses, it’s unchecked bombastic force that unites Macrophiles across distances.

The Macrophile’s fantasies about Giants may be compared with, for example, Isaiah’s fantasy about Yahweh, in Isa. 40.22-23 – where Isaiah imagines himself as a mere grasshopper (the smallest kosher animal) in comparison with Yahweh’s cosmic enormity, and imagines the kings and rulers who exercise real power over him as being reduced to nothing.

It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to live in; who brings princes to naught, and makes the rulers of the earth as nothing.

The self-humility of the religious writer has the shape of a double fantasy. All power and gigantic stature is ascribed to his god Yahweh, and Yahweh’s might dissolves all real earthly power that stands against his servant, Isaiah. Thus, in the guise of self-emptying humility, the religious writer makes a fantastic transfer of power to his imaginary god. But the net result of the fantasy is that, in siding with Yahweh, Isaiah will become more powerful than his oppressors: it is the fantasy of absolute power in the guise of complete humility.