Any Christian who wishes to mock Harold Camping for his “loony” beliefs also must do the same to Paul (and Jesus)

So says James A. Metzger in a new article for Bible and Interpretation:
“Why We Must Treat the Bible No Differently Than Any Other Book”
We have to agree. Remnant of Giants made the same point in a post from the very day that Camping said the world would end. Although, we called Jesus, not Paul, a loon.

obviously 2012 is not totally out of the question


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5 responses to “Any Christian who wishes to mock Harold Camping for his “loony” beliefs also must do the same to Paul (and Jesus)

  1. Why must you further disgrace the once honorable Iwi of Slothrop by speaking the lies of a taHqeq about Congressman Paul!? When an IRS agent with no honor comes bursting into your home with an AK 47 as a result of President George Bush Senior’s “New money” programs and your bat’leth has been outlawed by the Brady Bill, then you will know that he spoke the truth.


    • Tyrone Slothrop

      I don’t know how you manage to get around my spam filter using language like taHqeq, let alone the fact that you’re obviously a Ronbot, but you’re dreaming if you think you can beat The Stormin’ Mormon, you piece of baktag.


      • Ronbot!? If you were standing before me I would cut out your heart with my d’k tahg and burn the Wharenui of the Iwi Slothrop you have disgraced with your treachery! Congressman Paul is the only loyal son of Kahless left in those primaries! Florida means nothing!


  2. Left and right are chock full of globalist traitors,who wish to usher in the NWO through Ordo Ab Chao,order through chaos,Rothschild frontman George Soros backs insurgencies like Muskim Brotherhood and OWS to foster enough chaos to usher in martial law and all the killing and camps associated with F.E.M.A.


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