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I must have missed this news while I was cut off from civilisation over the New Year period, in Takou Bay, somewhere  north of Kerikeri. Thank you to Remnant of Giants correspondent Anne White for keeping us informed about the Giants who walk among us.

Here’s a photo from The Atlantic of the nine-foot Giant spotted at the state funeral for Kim Jong Il:

North Korean Giant Soldier at Kim Jong Il's Funeral

North Korean Giant Soldier at Kim Jong Il’s Funeral

The photo “was taken by North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)”.

The photo’s emergence has led to widespread speculation as to who the soldier might be with, some online commentators suggesting the mystery figure is the 7’ 8” tall North Korean basketball star Ri Myung Hun.
– James Orr, “‘Giant North Korean soldier’ pays respects to Kim Jong-il”, The Telegraph, 30 December 2011

U.S. analysts discuss the picture:

“Yeah, I want to talk about this nine- or ten-foot-tall dude who was at this funeral, man, you know what I’m saying? Man, look, dude weren’t that damn tall, man. I did my reasearch on this. The typical North Korean – male, that is – is only five-foot four, man. Five-foot four! So this dude, in all actuality, was only about six four…. Let’s look at this picture. – Well damn, man. – This motherfucker looks pretty damn tall. You see how wide that motherfucker’s shoulders is? You could put three fucking Koreans in this motherfucker. – This motherfucker about fifteen-feet tall.”

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit, man. It doesn’t seem to be a photoshop job either, according to the National Post:

Out of place as he seems, he doesn’t appear to be another product of North Korean state Photoshopping — the soldier can be spotted towering over his fellow mourners from a slightly different angle in a Kyodo photo (below).
– Joes Rayment, “Giant North Korean soldier spotted in Kim Jong-il funeral photos”, National Post, 30 December 2011.

So who or what is the Giant? Could Kim Jong Il have been recreating North Korea’s version of The Potsdam Giants, Frederick I’s army of giant soldiers, selected, and sometimes kidnapped, from throughout the world, and bred to create future giant soldiers?