The ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) is kind of nice, I’ve decided. It’s sort of like kids pretending to be grown-ups, and forming their own play-academic society, and mimicing what the real academics do. I’ve tried to be cynical about it, but who can mock children at play? It’s just lovely. Sure, there are a lot of white middle-aged men sporting facial hair, and the one or two women you see turn out to be pastors’ wives. But lets face it, even the real scholars act pretty childish a lot of the time, don’t they?

Today I took a wander through the exhibits at ETS and spoke to some of these little rascals. Here are two old fellas trying to  work out exactly how Mark chapter 13 was fulfilled in every detail by AD 70. They have to, otherwise Jesus told a big fib, and that can’t ever be the result of their scholarly research, can it?

ETS - The Preterist Booth

And of course there are the Creationists:

ETS - Creation workshops

And the hard complementarians (not the soft complementarians! splitters!!):


And the ones that want to convert all the Jews, because this is required before Jesus comes back, and this is why we stand by Israel:

ETS - Jews for Jesus

And more Jew converters:

ETS - Chosen People

There was great reading material, too:

I mean, really great, real scholarly like:

ETS - Adam and Eve are real, man