Off to find Giants … in San Francisco

My sources report that there be Giants in San Francisco. Although I understand this is the season in which Giants hibernate, I’m off to San Francisco to find them. I’ll be hunting during the daylight hours in two main locations: ETS and SBL/AAR. I should be able to get a good lead on them there, for the Giants of San Francisco are all named after men in the Gospels:

Fun fact:

Felipe, Matty and Jesus were all on the roster of the San Francisco Giants at the same time in the 1960s and in 1963 they became the first trio of siblings to man outfield spots in the same lineup.

During the night hours, my search will intensify as I investigate various and sundry secret locales.

Whatever my findings, you will hear about it right here, this Giant channel.


One thought on “Off to find Giants … in San Francisco

  1. they might be giants … hope we are with you when you find some!! at the very least we can get caps and t-shirts eh.

    btw, is it just a coincidence that Miss 9 and I will be reading the LAST chapter of The BFG the night before we leave for San Fran??


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