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Succubus HeatRemnant of Giant’s post on “How Do You Know When You’re Having Sex With a Fallen Angel?” continues to be popular amongst certain readers. The seven handy hints have probably saved many a person from that awkward moment when you realise that your soul has been lost forever, and the Fallen Angel who took it probably won’t even call you back tomorrow.

Over the last month, some readers have been kind enough to also share their own experiences of sexual encounters with members of the demonic realm. Here’s Jerry:

I already had an experienced having sex with a spirit. i was molested or raped while I was sleeping. It happened not in my physical body but outside in my astral body. The spirit I suspect comes from the tree located in front of my window where my footer of my bed is located. When I opened my eyes her skin is green. My d*ck has been kinda squeezed into a soft rubber tube and when I woke up my underwear is wet. It’s not a dream because I am well aware and awake. It was a succubus experience and I do not like it. It was againt my will. By the way I am a guy.

As experts in this kind of thing, we confirm that Jerry’s story certainly sounds legit. “Succubus” is not merely a cool name for an Incubus covers band. This is some serious demonic shit. Jerry can count himself very lucky that he escaped with only a sticky pair of underwear in the morning, d*ck still intact. Yet, Jerry is sure to be traumatised, as evident from the fact that, having shared in some lurid detail what that green-skinned astral chick did to his d*ck, he belatedly mentioned that he is a guy.

Then, along came Vanessa:

So many of you believe that falling angels (demons) as we know of them being called or that they will be giants . They’re here now in human form .I have met one and I have had sex with him and he’s beautiful and theres no feathers . I wonder where your getting your info from .I would like to ask a question to someone who can answer it with all seriousness. Can a Demon be risen ?
I know the end is near and we are in the last days . I know what Ive read about falling Angels coming down and having sexual relations with women but thatm was many many years ago and yes its said that the children came to be giants .. Ive also read that the flood to them out of existance and the angels left he human bodies to save there own asses …I know there have been demon posessed people who had to have exercisms performed on them to have the demon flee from that body ..But no where have I even found or read anything about them being born a human being. I asked a question to him as if did he posess this humon body while still in the womb or did he take over the body sfter its birth . He didnt give me the answer I wanted to hear and changed the story and went on to another convo .I asked again ad he replied ,” I was born the same way you were..Thats not what I had asked . i asked if he had posessed this human body in the womb. but i left it at what he had said last . I almost felt like is this guy for real which made the desire to get to know him better so I can determin if he;s lying or not . Now that I have slept with him even tho it was the best i have ever had as if he knew exactly what liked and it seemed as if he knew my body more then I know my ownself.. He warned me that he was a risen Demon when we met and aasked if I believed if a demon could be risen . I replyed anything is possible , that our Creater is of love and forgivness but what I have studied tell of satan and the demons will be done away with in the end .. but it dosnt say weither a Demon can be risen or not . so Im asking for someone who might have some knowledge on this matter . also I wonder if Im in trouble with our Faher our ceater and will I be forgiven fo having sexual relation with a demon . even tho at the time I was’t sure if he was or not for sure but I was warned and told he was and I took that chance knowing theres a chance that he is a Demon .. Im scared a little .but I made a choice and I will have to deal with it .!

“Damon”, Vanessa. You misheard. He said his name was “Damon”. You can relax now.