More sex with fallen angels

Succubus HeatRemnant of Giant’s post on “How Do You Know When You’re Having Sex With a Fallen Angel?” continues to be popular amongst certain readers. The seven handy hints have probably saved many a person from that awkward moment when you realise that your soul has been lost forever, and the Fallen Angel who took it probably won’t even call you back tomorrow.

Over the last month, some readers have been kind enough to also share their own experiences of sexual encounters with members of the demonic realm. Here’s Jerry:

I already had an experienced having sex with a spirit. i was molested or raped while I was sleeping. It happened not in my physical body but outside in my astral body. The spirit I suspect comes from the tree located in front of my window where my footer of my bed is located. When I opened my eyes her skin is green. My d*ck has been kinda squeezed into a soft rubber tube and when I woke up my underwear is wet. It’s not a dream because I am well aware and awake. It was a succubus experience and I do not like it. It was againt my will. By the way I am a guy.

As experts in this kind of thing, we confirm that Jerry’s story certainly sounds legit. “Succubus” is not merely a cool name for an Incubus covers band. This is some serious demonic shit. Jerry can count himself very lucky that he escaped with only a sticky pair of underwear in the morning, d*ck still intact. Yet, Jerry is sure to be traumatised, as evident from the fact that, having shared in some lurid detail what that green-skinned astral chick did to his d*ck, he belatedly mentioned that he is a guy.

Then, along came Vanessa:

So many of you believe that falling angels (demons) as we know of them being called or that they will be giants . They’re here now in human form .I have met one and I have had sex with him and he’s beautiful and theres no feathers . I wonder where your getting your info from .I would like to ask a question to someone who can answer it with all seriousness. Can a Demon be risen ?
I know the end is near and we are in the last days . I know what Ive read about falling Angels coming down and having sexual relations with women but thatm was many many years ago and yes its said that the children came to be giants .. Ive also read that the flood to them out of existance and the angels left he human bodies to save there own asses …I know there have been demon posessed people who had to have exercisms performed on them to have the demon flee from that body ..But no where have I even found or read anything about them being born a human being. I asked a question to him as if did he posess this humon body while still in the womb or did he take over the body sfter its birth . He didnt give me the answer I wanted to hear and changed the story and went on to another convo .I asked again ad he replied ,” I was born the same way you were..Thats not what I had asked . i asked if he had posessed this human body in the womb. but i left it at what he had said last . I almost felt like is this guy for real which made the desire to get to know him better so I can determin if he;s lying or not . Now that I have slept with him even tho it was the best i have ever had as if he knew exactly what liked and it seemed as if he knew my body more then I know my ownself.. He warned me that he was a risen Demon when we met and aasked if I believed if a demon could be risen . I replyed anything is possible , that our Creater is of love and forgivness but what I have studied tell of satan and the demons will be done away with in the end .. but it dosnt say weither a Demon can be risen or not . so Im asking for someone who might have some knowledge on this matter . also I wonder if Im in trouble with our Faher our ceater and will I be forgiven fo having sexual relation with a demon . even tho at the time I was’t sure if he was or not for sure but I was warned and told he was and I took that chance knowing theres a chance that he is a Demon .. Im scared a little .but I made a choice and I will have to deal with it .!

“Damon”, Vanessa. You misheard. He said his name was “Damon”. You can relax now.


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9 responses to “More sex with fallen angels

  1. You know where this is heading don’t you? A lucrative career as a columnist in a women’s (and guy’s, yes Jerry, we heard you) magazines … Bet you had fun doing the “tagged” section, btw.


  2. There used to be this Muslamic website called “Muslim Wake Up” that would post weird cyber fatwas including one in which a chick asks this guy if it’s ok for a human to marry a djinn. He looked it up and said fergeddaboudit. The joke is: “OMG he looked it up!”

    Also, can I just add for the record how jealous I am that it’s your blog attracting the sexually vulnerable mentally ill. I am the Berlusconi Youth! I am “The Son of the Titan” as some tax-dodging Ethiopian I was arguing with about welfare reform in the post-Soviet era on this one Presbyterian theology blog called me.


  3. CK Quarterman,
    In the ancient text of first Enoch (Chapter 85) you would only know a fallen angel by the size of his privy member. “And I looked at them and saw, and behold they all let out their privy members, like horses, and began to cover the cows of the oxen, and they all became pregnant and bare elephants, camels, and asses.” In my book (Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters
    and the New World Order) I talk about seeing a giant, but what I don’t mention is that I am sure I have conversed with a fallen angel. Since my conversation was only conversation I don’t know for sure that he was a fallen angel. Fallen angels don’t have wings, and they don’t look any different than any other person (if clothed). On my website I talk about what a fallen angel would be, but once they have become flesh and blood they most likely unable to turn back into a spiritual being. Fallen angels and Giants were before the flood, and after when the cohabited with human women. Goliath was a giant who’s father was a fallen angel.
    The happenings in Sodom taken along with the writings of Jude (New Testament) seem to indicate along with Enoch that fallen angels are not picky as to who or what they will have sex with, male or female.


  4. virginia

    Though I do not believe that there are ancient Jewish texts because the ancient people of the 12 tribes were all Hebrew. Even Abraham was Hebrew.
    I do not understand why the ancient Hebrews became Jewish, since the Jews are of asiatic decendancy (Genesis 10) and of a mix with the edomites. I do know though that Esau’s grandson mixed with the blood of the giants. What was the character of those that mixed with the edomites


  5. CK Quarterman

    I only referenced Enoch as an ancient text. Enoch was known among the Hebrews, and referenced by other texts such as the Bible and some first century writers. It is only available today in no-Hebrew, but some parts were found in Quram (Dead Sea Scrolls).

    The main characteristic of Nephilm (Children of Fallen Angels) or their children (the Elouid) would be polydactyly, and giantism. Polydactyly is being born with six fingers or six toes.

    Five women have claimed to have given birth to Nephilim (children of Fallen Angels) babies. These women claim that the Fallen Angels are working to fix the problem of gigantism in order for the Nephilim to be indistinguishable from normal people.

    This would fit with both Matthew 24:37, and Luke 17:26-30 where Jesus states that the end times will be “like the days of Noah”. What was happening in the days of Noah? Fallen angels (Sons of God) were fornicating with humans creating hybrids. These hybrids were giants in those times. Luke 17:26-30 especially makes this conclusion, because not only are the days of Noah mentioned, but Sodom and Gomorrah are mentioned in the same paragraph as well. These abductions were taking place in Noah’s day, but more importantly, prophetically speaking these abductions (fornication) are still going on today! This is part of what is happening in the UFO abduction phenomena today.


  6. Nirnif Amyra

    And the lession is… always use protection!
    Btw, Semjaza and his team liked goats too (but so does Michael)


  7. Samsons' Princess

    Demons, if they are fallen angels, can’t be risen from the grave because they don’t die. Demons, if they are the children of the fallen angels and earthly women, can’t rise to heaven, only on earth because they are bound here because there isn’t salvation for them through Jesus Christ; besides, they’re evil and wouldn’t want it to save their soul if they could. They are liars and only tell the truth here and there mixed with lies–who wants just one lie? Genesis 6 tells that fallen angels or sons of God had sex with women and had giants from them. Anymore questions?


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