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John Pilger’s 2010 film, The War You Don’t See, examines how US and UK media aid and abet the rapacious wars of the Anglo-American Empire that continue today in Afghanistan and Iraq. I’ll make some popcorn this evening, and settle down for something all too rare these days – some proper journalism. Oh – and a bonus for those in Portugal, Brazil, and Angola – there are Portuguese subtitles to the English-language film.

John Pilger - The War You Don't See

John Pilger – The War You Don’t See

A free, high-quality movie – what more could you ask for?

The point is journalism. Real journalism, not the kind that takes authority at face value, that is bored with the notion of truth-telling and is besotted by “celebrities”, famous or not. If those of us paid to keep the record straight don’t do our job, who will?
– John Pilger

Who will do keep the record straight? Not the biblical scholars, I’m afraid. I’ve read Jesus in an Age of Terror, and it turns out that they’re manufacturing consent for the US and UK governments too.