Captain Israel

All of the myths of the modern state of Israel are on display in a new comic book which is available online: Captain Israel. Join Captain Israel as he creates a historical narrative in which Israel creates an oasis what was previously “the wilderness”, settles in an “empty land”, and miraculously wins battles against “vastly superior forces” against tremendous odds. (Of course, one must turn a blind eye to the technological advances of local Palestinians, the 700,000 Palestinians living there who were subsequently dispossessed, and the vastly superior army numbers and military strength which Israel has possessed since 1948.)

David and Goliath - in Captain Israel
David and Goliath – in Captain Israel

In the first issue, you can read  that “Palestine” was only a name invented by the Romans, in AD 70 (wrong: it fails to mention that Herodotus was already using the term “Palestine” half a millennium earlier to refer to the region, or that Aristotle used the term “Palestine” to refer to the region which included the Dead Sea), and that “Palestine” is taken from the name of Israel’s “biblical enemies”, the Philistines, whom Israel defeated (wrong: the term “Palestine” was used for the entire region, including the areas of Samaria and Judea, not just the area of the Philistine cities; and the Philistines were defeated by the Assyrians, not by the Jews); and David defeated a giant called Goliath in 1000 BC (wrong: this is a legendary tale from the Persian Period, told to  inflate the reputation of a legendary Jewish king).

Historical revisionism never looked so good in blue spandex!

In Issue 2, you can read that the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign aganst Israel is the equivalent of the Holocaust, and that BDS really stands for Bigotry, Divisiveness, and Slander:

And what enemy is so dangerous that the once-vaunted IDF is no longer able to handle without superhuman (and perhaps even divine) intervention? A nuclear-armed Iran? Gazan terrorists infiltrating from Egypt? A much larger Gaza Flotilla? A million unarmed Palestinians marching to the Qalqaliya and Erez “border” crossings? Members of the Jenin Freedom Theatre?

Don’t be ridiculous. The IDF, Shin Bet, Mossad, Border Police, US Congress, “stinky water” (the name really doesn’t do justice to the smell), drones, anti-missile shield or various combinations of the above can handle any of these threats.

No, the threat that only Captain Israel can defeat is none other than … the BDS movement!

– Mark LeVine, “Meet Captain Israel, the anti-BDS superhero”, Aljazeera, 6 September 2011

No, I know what you’re thinking, but I’m afraid that Captain Israel is not a prank.

It turns out that Captain Israel is the creation of right-wing American pro-Zionist group, Stand With Us (SWU). Well, who would have thought? Formed by Roz Rothstein and friends in 2001, SWU distributes pro-Israeli literature to university libraries, organises pro-Zionist speakers for campuses, places large advertisements in newspapers, and disrupts anti-Zionist meetings. It’s like the Anti-Defamation League on methamphetamine.

Amazing look-alike
Amazing look-alike