No, not Noah and his wife Naamah - it's Ken and Bev Loader at Christchurch's Gethsemane Gardens
No, not Noah and his wife Naamah – it’s Ken and Bev Loader at Christchurch’s Gethsemane Gardens

Following the recent earthquakes, business has been a bit grim in Christchurch, and lots of people have been selling up their businesses and properties. But only Ken and Bev Loader are trying to sell their ark. The Press has the story:

The Sumner couple bought their land on Clifton hill more than 50 years ago, and after three decades of market gardening transformed it into Gethsemane Gardens, a sanctuary best known for its ark, which is a popular wedding venue. “The Lord has given us all the ideas about Gethsemane Gardens right from the beginning. We’ve done all these things and we’ve now got a few more ideas about what we should do with our top land,” Ken Loader said.

– Michael Wright, “Quake Prompts Sale of Clifton Hill ark”, The Press, 27 August 2011

The Christchurch Noah’s Ark is situated at the top of a steep hill out Sumner way. Given the frequent after-shocks which have brought down cliffs in the area, it seems that locals of little faith have been scared to hold their wedding receptions in the ark – which used to be its main function before Yahweh performed his old pillar-shaking tricks.

The newspaper story misses two further interesting facts. First, in order to get up to the Ark in Gethsemane Gardens, you have to go up “Revelation Drive”, a road which has – ominously – no exit:

Revelation Drive - No Exit
Revelation Drive – No Exit

Second, Giants have been photographed in the vicinity of the Ark:

Giant photographed at Gethsemane Gardens, Christchurch, beside Noah's Ark
Giant photographed at Gethsemane Gardens, Christchurch, beside Noah’s Ark

h/t: Robert Myles