On The Hogwarts Syllabus


4 thoughts on “On The Hogwarts Syllabus

  1. I agree with Terry Eagleton: Grayling’s elitist venture is “odius”.

    “Dawkins touts a simple-minded, off-the-peg version of Enlightenment in which people in the west have all been getting nicer and nicer, and would have ended up as civilised as an Oxford high table were it not for a nasty bunch of religious fundamentalists. Who would pay £18,000 a year to listen to this outdated Victorian rationalism when they could buy themselves a second-hand copy of John Stuart Mill?”

    The so-called college for the humanities (new atheist outfit) amounts to little more than the shameless use of wealth and privilege to insulate a dominant ideology from critique. Secured in the comfortable bubble of a homogeneous faculty and student base, comprised of a wealthy and (it can be assumed) predominantly white, secular, European population, a particular worldview and reading of history can be propagated without contest by those who are marginalized by it. This is precisely the intent of Grayling in establishing this new ideological platform; the exclusion is built into it by design – in much the same way as American Theological Seminaries (and no doubt aspects of a certain theology department seeking knowledge through faith for sound theological weasons, down south)

    In fact you will learn fuck all about the history of religions – note the gentle omission. Grayling’s new university seems to be approaching religion with the same gentle omission as The Good Book which I hope ends up where it belongs – in the loo. Mine will get left behind when I move. It’s a pretentious pathetic collection of rewritten unreferenced quotations, blatant plagiarisation, bundled together in imitation of the form of the Christian Bible. It’s a book for ex fundamentalists, not critical free thinking independent minds.

    There are sound atheological weasons for my repulsion at this ridiculous venture… some of which I have alweddy spat out above.


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