“Stand Tall!”: rock out to a new David and Goliath Rock Musical

Stand Tall“Stand Tall!”, a new rock musical based on the biblical tale of David and Goliath, portrays David as a sheep-lover and rock star, against Goliath and his gang of hoods.

Stand Tall – A Rock Musical, a new contemporary rock/pop musical by Lee Wyatt-Buchan, Aldie Chalmers & Sandy Chalmers, is to get its London premiere in a five-week season at the Landor Theatre from Wednesday October 12 – Saturday November 12.

Stand Tall – A Rock Musical is based on the biblical tale of David and Goliath but re-told in a current day-to-day setting. Gone is the sling  and David now has an electric guitar. The 17 songs range from  rock to hip-hop and blues.

David’s life is good – shepherd by day, rock star by night. He and his band of brothers frequently rock out and are adored by thousands. His life however gets complicated when he is proclaimed to be The Chosen One by the mystical Black Sheep. David has been given the honour of becoming King…he’s just not sure. This could actually get in the way of his music! Goliath is a bully by day, bully by night! He and his gang of hoods cause mayhem and chaos across town, revelling in their tyranny and ruining the lives of many. Does Goliath like the news that a Shepherd boy is to become his King? No he doesn’t. In fact he’s angry. No sheep lover is going to tell him how to live his life! Goliath has one thing on his mind and hurting David is it.

An early version of Stand Tall – A Rock Musical was written specifically for schools to help tackle the issue of bullying.

– Pip Ellwood, “‘Stand Tall’ For London Premiere”,  Entertainment Focus, 18 July 2011

Here is a description of some of the songs from the earlier version of the musical:

Stand Tall was written specifically for schools to tackle bullying. The songs on the demo are catchy and have very good lyrics with a strong message.  Some songs are particularly catchy and are perfect for a school aged audience.

Ross Hunter and Nicola Hughes sing ‘Time To Talk’ a duet which encourages talking about thoughts and feelings that one can experience through being bullied. Ross Hunter sings incredibly well, pinpointing the emotions David feels. The lyrics are incredibly well written, it can easily be seen how children would relate to it. Nicola Hughes character gives guidance and encouragement to David that would advise listeners what to do when they are being bullied.

Owain Williams sings ‘Goliath’s Song’. It is a hip-hop song, which at first listen I thought the style seemed quite out-of-place on the album. However, it has grown on me. It has a very significant message from the point of view of the bully. It gives the impression that the bully is also suffering with liking themselves. This gives children an understanding that bullies are sometimes very unhappy in themselves and the way that they deal with it is through aggression.

Ashleigh Gray sings ‘So Indecisive’.  This song is incredibly catchy and Ashleigh performs it beautifully portraying a young girl’s adoration for her love interest very well.

Nicola Hughes has a wonderful voice. She sings ‘Stronger Than This’  which is a beautiful ballad that encourages David to keep strong no matter what obstacles he faces. It is a very inspiring song.

– Soliloquy, 11 July 2011

Hmmmm… so the good guy David plays rock, while the urban bad guy Goliath does hip-hop. But Philip Pullman gives it the thumbs up:

“Stand Tall is a great idea – a wonderful and terrific show, the composer and writer have done a terrific job”

– Philip Pullman – Author


4 thoughts on ““Stand Tall!”: rock out to a new David and Goliath Rock Musical

  1. No lecture here mate. I went to see Stand Tall this week and it is refreshingly awesome. No old video remake or musical biog that should have died with the subject – simply fab writing, outstanding songs – take time to listen to the lyrics…..soul moving. The team have limited space to work with – as is often the case in fringe theatre, but none of this matters because you will laugh at many a funny bit and be transfixed as the case blow you away. As I say – see it before you judge!


  2. I saw this musical today and was blown away. The music is so powerful. The cast really are spencial – King Soul is so funny and talented. David is completely believeable. Goliath, plays the baddy convincingly. Mia and the Black Sheep are vocally spot on while delivering lines to perfection. This is so refreshing, original with great creative.


  3. A special, special show. I could not say more urgently, get and see this musical! I went yesterday and I will be going again very soon. The cast act like they have been together for ages not just a few days. The music is at points spine tingling. I was not expecting a rock musical to have as many laughs as it did which was an added bonus. I love the quirkiness of The Landor Theatre but sadly think this will at a much bigger theatre in the near future.


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