Metalcore band Sleeping Giant Brings Sight to the Blind and Enables the Lame to Walk

Sleeping Giant - Sons of ThunderIf you attend a concert on Califonian Matalcore band Sleeping Giant‘s Scream The Prayer Tour, you might just imagine that you’re attending a charismatic healing meeting. And you might be right. In today’s article on, lead vocalist Thom Green and bassist J.R. Bermuda share how the Lord works though Sleeping Giant concerts in order to bring sight to the blind and heal broken necks:

Thom Green: A couple days ago, a kid had a damaged retina and he was losing his vision and was about blind in one of his eyes, got his vision restored. The other day in Wichita, we got done with our set and this lady came up to us in tears because she had been in chronic pain.

J.R. Bermuda: She broke one of the big bones at the base of her neck in some kind of accident.

Thom Green: She had been in chronic pain for years and couldn’t shake her head and couldn’t move. She came up to us, crying, saying “I can move my neck, I can move my neck,” just freaking out. We had prayed from stage and she just came up to us at the end. That’s just the last couple of days that we’ve been on the road.

J.R. Bermuda: Two for two!

Thom Green: We see that stuff all the time on the road. We really believe that God is real and he’s supernatural …

From their myspace page:

We are called Sleeping Giant because Christians in the world today are just that, in the world. And they need to wake up! They are sleeping giants of war in this world over-run by apathy, by people who do not see the enormity of their worth and don’t realize they live their lives day by day forsaking love, and a just and amazing God who deserves it all.

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thumbs up if you’ll mosh before his throne

Indeed, brothers and sisters, some day we will all mosh before His throne without any fear of breaking our necks.


One thought on “Metalcore band Sleeping Giant Brings Sight to the Blind and Enables the Lame to Walk

  1. The real whores over here are the National Health Service fixing detached retinas and healing broken bones without even checking to see if you got your hand stamped at the door. Support your local scene guys! At least buy some merch! Your killing hardcore, Larry. Meanwhile. A man suspected of killing seven people ended a hostage standoff late Thursday by shooting himself in the head, Michigan police said. Rodrick Shonte Dantzler had engaged in a gunbattle with police in downtown Grand Rapids and a high-speed chase before taking three people hostage, according to police. “Dr” Jim West might not say it, but I will: look what your cheap grace universalism has brought to the people of Grand Rapids, Rob Bell.


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