Baptists call for the Bible to be Banned: The Women-hating Southern Baptist Convention of 2011

The Bible: The book that Southern Baptists have now banned
The Bible: The book that Southern Baptists have now banned

Despite the fact that the 2011 New International Version (NIV) translation of the Bible got rid of more than a quarter of its gender-neutral language, bowing to the reactionary response by ultra-conservative  Christians to the earlier gender-neutral TNIV…

… and despite the fact that the changes to the NIV 2011 typically involve being less inclusive whenever gender inclusivity would risk ‘tainting’ Jesus with feminine bits

… and despite the fact that the NIV 2011 still includes many apologetically-driven translations which attempt to smooth over the errors and contradictions in the Bible (as in 2 Samuel 21.19 on Goliath) …

the 2011 annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention (14-15 June) declared that gender-inclusive language was simply “inaccurate” on the basis that the explicit inclusion of women “changes the meaning” of the original text, recommended that it should not be used by anybody in “the Christian community”, and called for the Bible to be banned from sale in Lifeway Christian Stores, one of the largest Christian bookstore chains in the South.


6 thoughts on “Baptists call for the Bible to be Banned: The Women-hating Southern Baptist Convention of 2011

    • Where’s it ganna stop? It starts with femmo-izing the Bible, and pretty soon you have a poofta’s Bible, and then you’ll end up with polygamy and all manner of perversities after that.


      • Not feminising, but simply going back to the biblical meaning now being lost as younger society moves into more gender neutral language – fishers of men excludes women & children, fishers of men & women excludes children, fishers of people is the biblical meaning. See Wow, four-wived Jacob was a pervert, huh? So sad the Convention voted without good guidance.


  1. Grow up, most of the anti-female attitudes and language was added during the dark and middle ages. Re-read Genesis, he created them Male and Female he created them.


  2. The NIV attacks the divinity of Christ, attacks the virgin birth, removes 16 verses, allows Catholic doctrines like infant baptism, and more. Women just want to be “equal,” and usurp the man’s God-given role. It’s tht Jezebel spirit hard at work in the church…just like the Bible said. The King James Bible is the only Bible. The NIV is NOT a real Bible. See Kent Hovind’s proofs and Steve Anderson’s New World Bible Perversion documentaries.


    • Certainly re the deity (Witnessism accepts his divinity but rejects his deity), I’m sad my scores only gave 78% to the NIV, and zero to the NWT. Only the NET scored almost full marks –

      There is only one Bible, and the KJV is but one English version, very well made in its day, and in some ways improving on Tyndale (eg, though it was heavily rejected by traditionalists and Genevan Puritans at large. John Wesley made many improvements.

      Fortunately the Convention said nothing for KJVOism.


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