Alan Moore writes his Bible: Jerusalem to be printed on Bible Paper?

Alan Moore’s prose novel Jerusalem, forthcoming 2012, will be approximately 750,000 words long.

I was talking to Professor Steve Jones at one of those evenings that I did, the Uncaged Monkeys at the Hammersmith Apollo. I was telling him that Jerusalem, when I’d passed the two-thirds mark, was already over half a million words. He said: “You know, that is bigger than the Bible.” So I was quite pleased with that. I’m just hoping everybody else will confuse quantity with quality. It’s undoubtedly a very big book.
– Alan Moore

of course, I have doubted that people will even be able to pick it up. This is going to be a very large book. I was talking to some people today who might be involved in the publishing of it. And they were suggesting why don’t we go it to a Bible publisher? Get it printed on Bible paper?
– Alan Moore

Alan Moore: “I’ve disproved the existence of death” New Statesman, 16 June 2011
“When I first heard about virtual reality I thought: is there any other kind?” New Statesman, 17 June 2011

The number of English words in the King James Bible is 773,692. The number of Old Testament words (Hebrew and Aramaic) is approximately 306,375; New Testament words (Greek) is 138,020; the total for Old and New Testaments is 444,395.

In the Bible there are about 773692 words
– Rhona Pipe and Graham Round, The Big Book of Bible Facts


One thought on “Alan Moore writes his Bible: Jerusalem to be printed on Bible Paper?

  1. as a Brazilian big fan to Moore, for almost 20plus years already, I do agree with him; but, our counsciousness can “perfect” itself, and when we do become a “true self”, we can “escape” frm this “Samsara” (eternal recurrence, or Budist whell-of-life; Mr Moore had studed (?)(sorry my bad English) Gurdjieff´s work, and I am sure “he knows this”…btw the book by Anthony Pike, “Is There Life After the Death?” is also very “ellucidative” on this concern…


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