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Ministry-to-Children.com is usually in the business of providing lessons and materials for Sunday School lessons. But in a recent development, they have moved into terrorist training camps, training young children to kill atheists.

Remnant of Giants has found this terrorism instruction manual on the interwebs (Ministry-to-Children.com):

Activity: Pin the Stone on Goliath

“Goliath wasn’t a very nice man. He didn’t believe in God. He made fun of people who did believe in God. David stood up for the people of God. With God’s help, David stopped Goliath! Do you know what David used to stop Goliath? (allow for responses) David used a rock to stop Goliath. David hit Goliath on his forehead and Goliath fell down.

We are going to pretend to be David today. (show them the picture of Goliath) Here is Goliath. You are each going to be David and use a “stone” to stop him. (hold up a styrofoam ball) Here is your stone. We are going to cover your eyes with the blindfold and you need to try to get this stone on Goliath’s forehead. Let’s play!”

  • Put a rolled up piece of tape on the cotton balls before each child takes a turn.
  • After each child takes a turn, take the ball off of the picture and use the marker to write the child’s name where they put the ball.
  • Whoever gets to the closest to the middle of Goliath’s forehead, wins.

And here is the “target” which Ministry-to-Children.com provides for the training activity: the face of a Giant atheist:Note the stereotypical features of the face, devoid of personal features. The Sunday School children who are trained by Ministry-to-Children.com are being made into tomorrow’s merciless killers!

Total depravity. These people just seem to be born this way.