Trains Sunday School Children to kill Atheists is usually in the business of providing lessons and materials for Sunday School lessons. But in a recent development, they have moved into terrorist training camps, training young children to kill atheists.

Remnant of Giants has found this terrorism instruction manual on the interwebs (

Activity: Pin the Stone on Goliath

“Goliath wasn’t a very nice man. He didn’t believe in God. He made fun of people who did believe in God. David stood up for the people of God. With God’s help, David stopped Goliath! Do you know what David used to stop Goliath? (allow for responses) David used a rock to stop Goliath. David hit Goliath on his forehead and Goliath fell down.

We are going to pretend to be David today. (show them the picture of Goliath) Here is Goliath. You are each going to be David and use a “stone” to stop him. (hold up a styrofoam ball) Here is your stone. We are going to cover your eyes with the blindfold and you need to try to get this stone on Goliath’s forehead. Let’s play!”

  • Put a rolled up piece of tape on the cotton balls before each child takes a turn.
  • After each child takes a turn, take the ball off of the picture and use the marker to write the child’s name where they put the ball.
  • Whoever gets to the closest to the middle of Goliath’s forehead, wins.

And here is the “target” which provides for the training activity: the face of a Giant atheist:Note the stereotypical features of the face, devoid of personal features. The Sunday School children who are trained by are being made into tomorrow’s merciless killers!

Total depravity. These people just seem to be born this way.


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13 responses to “ Trains Sunday School Children to kill Atheists

  1. hahahahah! as a former childrens minister, this post was hilarious, specially since I sometimes used maybe 1 or 2 times.


  2. Dan

    Severe oversimplification. No evidence Goliath is portrayed as an atheist.


  3. Not quite as bad as I expected, but still pretty stupid and saddening.


  4. pf

    Yes, by all means, what could be wrong with teaching children to project missiles at people for the sin of not believing the same things as them?

    Dan, how about this: “Goliath wasn’t a very nice man. He didn’t believe in God.” I think that is portraying him as an athiest.

    The big problem, however, is that this group has no evidence that Goliath was an athiest. Almost certainly he believed in his clan’s tribal god. If you are going to teach kids to kill, would it not be too much to ask for some accurate reason to murder?


  5. Tyrone Slothrop

    Yes, that’s right, PJ. The materials state that “Goliath wasn’t a very nice man. He didn’t believe in God”, which quite clearly presents the target (Goliath) as an atheist.

    This is at least two steps removed from the Old Testament. First, has substituted the specific god of the ‘Israelites’, “Yahweh” / “the living god” with the term “God”. This gives the false impression that the Philistine didn’t believe in any god. But like all ancients, as you say, PJ, belief in your local god or gods would be a given. In fact, the story says that Goliath cursed David in the name of his own gods (1 Sam 17.43). Second, in 1 Samuel 17, Goliath does not in fact say anything about the Israelites’ god Yahweh. It is rather David who interprets his military challenge as a challenge against “the living god” / Yahweh. It is only David who makes the connection between fighting Israel and fighting against Israel’s god. Goliath just seems interested in fighting. David invests his challenge with a heavy theological emphasis that is founded on the equation of the armies of Israel with the patronage of Yahweh. Goliath does not make any such equation.


  6. pf

    Tyrone, my comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but your points are all spot on.

    I don’t believe that there actually existed a giant named Goliath, but even if I did, it is crazy that people who claim to be devoted to the bible actually know next to nothing about it or they distort its clear meaning.


  7. Pete Soderman

    Merely another example of the absurdities that naturally flow from the social acceptance of belief in nonsense without evidence. This is brainwashing at it’s best – the North Koreans would be proud. I see Sunday School hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years though. Stories are still being presented out-of-context. For instance, I remember being taught about Lot and his role in the destruction of the “wicked cities.” It was left to me, however, to read for myself about him offering his daughters to the mob, or what happened in the cave after his wife was turned into a deer lick.

    Religious instruction has always been cherry-picking, it has to be, otherwise even children would realize how absurd the bible really is, and how many contradictions there really are. No wonder the best seminaries turn-out more atheists than ministers.


  8. Regardless of whether Goliath was actually an atheist (and since the Bible is surely in the public domain by now, these ignoramuses can twist it as they please), they’re presenting him as one, and adding further telling the kids that this implies he is “not a very nice man.”
    I don’t care whether they want to teach an inaccurate version of their fairy tales, but when they start using them to train kids to murder, I tend to get a bit testy — regardless of whom they’re suggesting should be murdered, but perhaps at bit more so if they’re targeting me and those like me who are critical of their bizarre beliefs (not to mention their patently immoral behaviour…see exhibit A above!).
    Seriously, churches shouldn’t be able to claim that their freedom of religion permits them to brainwash…I mean indoctrinate children to commit murder. Why has nobody taken on this despicable “ministry?”


  9. Jillian

    Hi. Happy atheist here. But why can I not find any of this on the site mentioned?


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