“Jesus is a Cunt” Hoodies Horrify Invercargill Woman

Teenager expresses herself in Invercargill

Teenager expresses herself in Invercargill

Serious investigative reporting by The Southland Times (Invercargill, New Zealand) has uncovered that teenagers are wearing hoodies with the dual purpose of (1) shocking their parents and other old people; (2) expessing themselves as individuals.

Eighteen-year-old Invercargill woman Sarah Shirley, who was wearing one of the offending hoodies in the city yesterday, said … if she visited her grandparents she wouldn’t wear it, and her mother had told her not to wear it around the house, she said…. An atheist, it was her “freedom of choice” to wear the hoodie with the offensive words emblazoned on the back.


The hoodie in question is a product sold by British metal band Cradle of Filth. The design was earlier featured on one of the few tshirts to have been banned in New Zealand, the subject of a 2008 decision by The Office of Film & Literature Classification. This is probably also the first time that anything by Cradle of Filth has officially been considered “literature”.

The phrase “Jesus is a cunt” was earlier employed by Manchester band The Happy Mondays in their song “Kuff Dam”. Their lyrics “You see that Jesus is a cunt / And never helped you with a thing that you do, or you don’t” have been the subject of exegetical analysis by biblical scholar James Crossley, in his article “For EveryManc a Religion: Biblical and Religious Language in the Manchester Music Scene, 1976-1994” (Biblical Interpretation 19, no. 2 (April 2011): 151–180). A reliable summary of Crossley’s commentary on the song is available under the “Cunt” entry on Wikipedia.


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12 responses to ““Jesus is a Cunt” Hoodies Horrify Invercargill Woman

  1. tokerj

    Why am I not surprised that this was an atheist. And her buddy with an “Anarchy” jacket,, Cradle of Filth fans. The whole teen rebellion package!


    • Also could have been a rebellious Jew youth because they’re not too fond of Jesus. In the Talmud it says far worse about Jesus, like how he’s spending the rest of eternity suffering in a cauldron of boiling shit and semen for his apostasy against the Jewish elders.


  2. Tyrone Slothrop

    it’s all sooooooooo immature


  3. Moana

    i dont see the problem its freedom of speech, not every1 has the same idea about the whole jesus and god thing 90% of the s**t about jesus is a lie


  4. Mark

    People are entitled to their opinion, if we Atheists have to listen to the endless preachings of the God sqaud on every media format possible along with the street corner nut jobs as well, then I see absolutely no issue with this form of freedom of speech


  5. Karl Dietrich

    So they got offended. How sweet and how typical.

    Enough with the jokes, let’s get serious. The cancer of religion, has caused millions of deaths globally. Countless humans perished under the cross, for the cross and by the cross. Fact! Therefor christians should be more offended for their crimes against humanity in order to sustain the… religion of… love (yeah, right), instead of a word on a t-shirt.

    Christians should be offended for all the genocides worldwide their church did, from the european pagans slaughtered or converted, till the smallest african village. Wherever a christian missionary of hate (aka priest) went, blood, death and agony followed. The so called “third world” is a very neat example of the christian “love thy neighbor”. Catholic church was and is the most criminal organization ever created.

    Last but not least, Hitler’s reign of terror lasted somewhat 10 years, the equally murderous christian reign of terror lasts for 1000+ years. If they are offended by a word, we are offended by their entire existence so enough with these religious cunts!


  6. Alhamdullah_85

    leave the Jesus folk to their beliefs. you cunts. hahaha


  7. Jon Merlin

    Well the premise is that since Jesus doesn’t exist outside of being a character in a book of fiction, he doesn’t help anyone and never has. So all this Jesus saves and did this and that etc., it’s just summed up by the tongue in cheek phrase Jesus was a cunt. I don’t see what the big deal is to anyone other than it points out the obvious lie that is religion. And that’s the point! It’s ok to have fish stickers and crosses and bibles and crap all over but present an alternative view and suddenly there’s a problem? Yep sounds typically “religocrytical” doesn’t it.


  8. Stu

    Um, I think the thing here is the use of the word “cunt”. I don’t think there is any t-shirt/hoodie/garment of any sort out there that would be permitted with that word emblazoned on it.
    Maybe they should try Cnut like French Connection UK’s FCUK…


  9. ricky

    Seeing as there is no proof of jesus existence at all ( the bible is proof of nothing) I shouldn’t worry yourselves over this too much. IF he existed at all then I’m sure the bible doesn’t describe him too accurately as all of the stories of him were written 70-100 years after his supposed time of death.. And also with what we do have in these fictional tales is indeed very fucking boring and the man described with his actions could easily be described as a narcissistic, fraudulent and deluded cunt. In my opinion that is! FUCK off Jesus you Cunt!. That is all.


  10. Nice shirt… I want the same !!! And I would wear it only to offend the stupid and dumb christian morons living around me. I’m proud to say I don’t believe in this fairy tale called the bible, or in any supposed greater power or his living-dead son…
    JESUS IS A CUNT !!! #CradleOfFIlth !!!


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