Chuck Missler: Giants are the key to understanding the Old Testament

For many Evangelical Christians, if there is a new development in human technology, it must have been predicted or mentioned in the Bible. For Chuck Missler – Christian apologist and speaker, a “Dr” of a pseudo-academic institution, a Christian Zionist, and member of the right-wing Patriot Movement – genetic research is not only mentioned in the Bible, but ancient tampering with genetics gave rise to Giants. And Giants are therefore the secret key to understanding the Bible:

Is there genetic manipulation in the Bible? Yes! In fact, you will not understand most of the Old Testament unless you really understand who the Rephaim really were… This is coming on our society as the Bible anticipated it…. Has this happened before? Yes!
– Chuck Missler, ‘Ancient Alien Nephilim, Giants, Mutants, Genetic Engineering, and Hybrids’

In the Bible, and in a similar way within the Greek literature which influenced biblical texts, Rephaim (Giants) were the original inhabitants of Earth, the dangerous and chaotic force of an earlier age, to be defeated by the first conquering humans (e.g. Num. 13, Deut. 2-3; Josh. 14, 15). In addition, in the story of the “sons of God” or “Watchers” (Gen 6.1-4; 1 Enoch 6-20), the Giants are said to be hybrids, the offspring of divine fathers and human mothers. But Chuck Missler is not merely saying that the threatening world of medical and genetic breakthroughs is metaphorically creating new forces of danger and chaos, by reaching beyond its “proper boundaries”, creating life, and usurping God’s prerogative. His concerns go deeper than that. Missler believes that genetic science will literally bring back the Giants to Earth!

This was Satan’s strategy, to corrupt the human race, to prevent a Messiah… Why did God tell Joshua to wipe out every man, woman and child of certain tribes? Because they had a gene-pool problem. One of the things which brought about the Flood of Noah was a gene-pool problem.
– Chuck Missler, ‘Ancient Alien Nephilim, Giants, Mutants, Genetic Engineering, and Hybrids’

So for Chuck Missler, genetic research, far from being a means to improve medical treatment, is evil incarnate. Just as Giants were around in the “days of Noah”, so too in the End Times will Giants return (cf. Matt. 24.37) at the hands of evil, evolution-believing scientists and their Satanic genetic research.

Not only that, but as the Rephaim/Giants are said in Joshua 11.22-23 to survive in the Philistine cities – Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod – guess who else the evil Giants represent, for Missler?

It’s interesting that Joshua is told to wipe out every man, woman and child of those tribes. He does almost. But the places which he fails to do so – in the Golan Heights [sic], Gaza, Ashdod, and so forth – it’s the places that the P.L.O. have their conclaves today. Strangely. Strange stuff… I think that’s interesting.
– Chuck Missler, ‘Ancient Alien Nephilim, Giants, Mutants, Genetic Engineering, and Hybrids’

So, for Missler, not only should genetic engineering be stopped, but implicit in his equation is that the Palestinians should be wiped out as well.

Chuck Missler
Chuck Missler

11 thoughts on “Chuck Missler: Giants are the key to understanding the Old Testament

  1. Thanks for this article. It caused me to dig deeper in to Dr. Chuck Missler’s teaching on this subject. He seems quite genius to me, and very parallel to scripture and scriptural backing. Every aspect of this article that seeks to tear him down or make him look foolhardy is out of context or purely off target.

    Not sure what this agenda writer’s skewed and/or hidden agenda is, but Dr. Missler represents incredible research by a respectable man who seems to have done his homework, and with integrity at that. Here’s to many more lessons Dr. Chuck Missler and KHouse.


      • Who cares about Kim Kardashian’s ring?
        Chuck Missler is right on in everything he’s saying. If we don’t understand about the giants then we miss out on a lot of what the Bible is telling us. This is why a lot of people don’t understand the Bible, but it’s so simple. Just read it & know that God is telling us those things. As far as I’m concerned; if any of the churches don’t know about the giants in our history, then they don’t have God’s Spirit on them. That’s why I don’t belong to any church. After learning about the giants and fallen angels, I was then able to read the whole Bible and understand it all, and grow closer to God, my Heavenly Father.


    • chuck is wrong on many accounts. understanding that satan physically impregnated Eve in the garden of eden and cain being eve and satans son…..and then cain having an evil lineage of his own… the Key to understanding the Bible.
      dont take my word for it… the parable of the sower…..the wheat and the tares…..where It says if u dont understand this one parable u wont get any of them. thus… is the above knoeledge stated which God Himself states is Key…..not what chuck missler would have u believe.


      • The parable of the sower is clear and fairly simple. You have it wrong. It is not a coded message as Harold Camping types would have you believe, and it has nothing to do with Adam and Eve.
        Chuck Missler has it right you are confused or deceived.


  2. Amen, I cam to Christ by faith back in 2000, but it wasn’t until I started researching the Nephilim and the UFO phenomenon and all that is included within it, that my eyes were opened.

    I always believed in my heart in Christ but it always felt so far away, like I wouldn’t see the magic of god till after I die. Now I see God and his word everyday all day and in all things… research also the Illuminati, which I believe are the elite rulers of this world…. and those elite rulers are the literal ancestors and maybe the actual Nephilim and are tied to all the kings and queens and royalty and rich and famous all over the entire world.

    I recommend looking further into it if you haven’t already, check out authors and other podcasters like L.A Marzulli, Rob Skiba, Tom Horn, Russ Dizdar…. and the list goes on.


    • The lady speaking in that audio doesn’t know what she is talking about. The bible states that there were angels that had relations with women. That their offspring were giant. Noah wasn’t perfect… it says he was perfect in his generations (which means he was a pure strain human)… Post flood giants all come from lineage of Ham’s descendants which means that it must have been his wife that was not totally perfect in her generations. The Israelites were told to wipe out everyone in the land of canaan and we always would gasp. And atheists would use that to prove how the God of the OT was a hateful murderous god. Yet if you read the account of the 12 spies that were sent into the land, they weren’t kidding when they said that they were but grasshoppers in the sight of the inhabitants… check out the fact that they brought back 1 cluster of grapes and two men had to carry it on a pole between them. 1 cluster of grapes was like carrying a side of beef on a stick.

      God told them to wipe out all the inhabitants of Caanan because they were carryovers from what happened in Genesis 6.

      God wiped out the world with a flood because of those angel/human hybrids.

      So when one sees Jesus say, “As the Days of Noah….” he isn’t speaking about people being really sinful (like in Hollywood or Washington D.C.)…

      If that is too fantastical for the christianity that you might fit into a Methodist, Baptist, or Presbyterian box then you are reading the wrong set of books (i.e., the Bible).


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