According to Harold Camping, the end of the world was to arrive with an absolutely massive earthquake at 6pm, May 21, 2011. That time has now passed, and Jesus has again failed to make good on his promise to return to Earth.

But the good news is that Santa really exists! The International Business Times has the scoop:

May 21 Doomsday soothsayer Harold Camping’s prediction has bombed, expectedly so. New Zealand’s Christmas Island was not hit by any earthquake even after the appointed time of the apocalypse passed the region.
“Harold Camping’s 21st May Doomsday prediction fails; No earthquake in New Zealand”, International Business Times, May 21, 2011 2:46 AM EDT

Christmas Island is real! I never doubted you, Santa!

N.b. Christmas Island is not part of New Zealand. It is not even called Christmas Island anymore, if what is meant is Kiritimati, an island of the Republic of Kiribati which is in the first time-zone in the world. It is, however, in real danger of apocalypse – that is, it will soon be under water due to global warming, which is caused by real humans rather than imaginary ancient Semitic deities. But we wouldn’t want to interrupt this news story about an insane loon with the reality that most of the world insanely continues to increase the consumption of goods and services in a manner which guarantees a human-made destruction, would we? Surely it can’t be insane to think that economic growth is the solution to our problems when everybody says it, can it?