Finally – A Science Textbook You Can Trust: Experiencing Bible Science by Louise Barrett Derr

Are you a God Warrior? Are you sick of all those science textbooks that are opposed to what the Word of God plainly says about God’s Creation? If you are (praise Jesus), then Experiencing Bible Science: A Lab Book for the Young at Heart by Louise Barrett Derr is for you – and your home-schooled children.

Experiencing Bible Science
Experiencing Bible Science

Unlike mainstream science books, which often contain the lies of Evil-ution, every page of Experiencing Bible Science was inspired by the Holy Spirit. As Louise Barrett Derr says, “He [the Holy Spirit] often woke me at 5:00 AM and led me through the entire process of creating this book, giving instructions for every page.”

Here’s the results of the Holy Spirit’s instructions on the origins of the universe:

Experiencing Bible Science: Creation
Experiencing Bible Science: Creation

Hmmmm… no mention of the solid dome above the Earth… doesn’t seem too biblically sound. However, Experiencing Bible Science provides divinely inspired scientific guidance on almost every topic, from animal classifications (“beasts”, “cattle”, “creeping things”) to genetics (the difference between humans and giants):

Experiencing Bible Science: Giants
Experiencing Bible Science: Giants

That’s really neat! I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve seen scientists mistake giant DNA for human DNA.


4 thoughts on “Finally – A Science Textbook You Can Trust: Experiencing Bible Science by Louise Barrett Derr

  1. Why don’t creationists ever talk about the cool creation passages, like Psalm 74 in which God defeats the sea monster and forces of primeval chaos just like in the Enuma Elish?


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