The Height of the Giants who survived the Flood

A comparison of the height of three heroes with a 6ft modern man, by He Thong

A comparison of the height of three heroes with a 6ft modern man, by He Thong (homoerotic macrophilia artist).

Readers often write in to ask: how tall were the Giants in the Bible? Remnant of Giants has already provided an answer to the question, ‘How tall was Goliath?‘. But what about the other biblical Giants? How tall were they?

    Q. How do we know the height of the Giants who survived the Flood?
    A. Giants who survived the Flood must be at least 15 cubits (23 feet) tall.

It is a matter of logic. The Bible tells us that the Great Flood covered the mountains by 15 cubits, killing all flesh. Yet, the antedeluvian Giants, the Nephilim of Genesis 6, appear alive and well after the flood (in Numbers 13). Ergo, the Giants who survived the flood must have been more than 15 cubits tall!

(There are also other ingenious explanations for how the Giants managed to survive the Flood. For example, one rabbinic explanation claims that King Og managed to escape the Flood by holding onto the outside of Noah’s Ark. But if this is true, it doesn’t help us determine the height of the Giants, because any fool can hold onto an Ark for a year. So, we’re just arbitrarily going with the other explanation.)

Walter Stephens, in his wonderful book, Giants in Those Days, claims that the idea of Giants being 15-cubits tall was “an erudite commonplace” in the Middle Ages. For this erudite insight into the height of giants, Stephens cites the twelfth-century theologian Honorius of Autun or Honorius Augustodunensis (PL 172.165) and sixteenth-century Italian man of letters, Francesco Sansovino (p. 65).

Sansovino reported that some Tuscan folk had this saying: “Ed hebbi voglia anco io d’esser gigante / Vedi che sette braccia sono a punto.” But according to Stephens, these lines didn’t really originate with Tuscan folk at all. Instead, they reproduce part of the self-description by the “half-giant” Margutte in a fifteenth-century work by Luigi Pulci, Morgante: “Ed ebbi voglia anco io d’esser gigante, / Poi mi penti’ quando al mezzo fu’ giunto, / Vedi che sette braccia sono a punto” (18.113.6-8). Stephens translates the lines: “And I also desired to be a Giant, but I thought better of it when I had arrived halfway – note that I’m exactly seven cubits tall.”

So why was Margutte a “half-giant”? Because he was only “sette braccia” (7 cubits), not 15 cubits, tall – which, allowing for some rounding, is half-way to a full giant. So that fairly much settles the question about the height of the Giants who survived the Flood.

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16 responses to “The Height of the Giants who survived the Flood

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  3. So, umm…let’s see…Giants must be 15 cubits plus because they had to be that tall to keep their heads above water? They didn’t, oh, I don’t know, maybe build their own rafts or something? Or, wait..maybe they also clung to theh side of the ark because..sure, why not…any idiot can hold on to a boat for a year? You must have held on to a lot of boats for a lot of years, my friend. You’re an idiot. Then again your kind always are.


    • Tyrone Slothrop

      Actually, another rabbinic explanation does suggest that Og hung on to the side of Noah’s ark for the duration of the Flood. So, apart from your complete failure to recognise the genre of this blog, Bi[gg]us Diccus, you’ve made one good point. Oddly, I don’t know of a rabbinic explanation that suggests the giants built their own boat. Although presumably – unlike the righteous Noah – the rumbunctious flesh-devouring giants never received a word of the upcoming Flood from Yahu, so had no time to build a boat.


  4. Rob

    A better explanation for how they returned after the Flood:

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  5. Sherry

    The Fallen angels just repeated their crime again,trying to taint all of mans bloodline so Christ would not be able to save us.Noah was NOT sinless,but perfect in his generation…Blood…. all Human.The offspring of the Fallen are the so called dead souls walking the earth…..Bodies died being part human,but their spiritual part lives on….at least until they are totally and utterly destroyed. p.s. They did not hang on to the ark.


  6. Hey Sherry, how do you know that if their was not a giant holding on to Noah’s ark? Can you please explain?


  7. real

    how can u hold on to an ark for 40 days you stupid prick !! with no water nor food and raining outside, there remained some giants arround the world after the flood, they flee from atlantis, most of them died but some managed to survive. atlantis was their kingdom and the craddle of their civilizacion that took all over the world , they became so proud and arrogant because they really were the offspring of the gods that came to earth , unlike us we were created with their dna but inserted into the homo erectus of those days and that´s what we are, well too much wisdom for now …


    • NoahsDays

      Well “real”, i see that your spirit is showing…..None the less though you do deserve an explanation. All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Christ..(Jesus Christ that is). All your searching and speculating will lead you nowhere. The truths that are revealed in the last days only will be understood by the Children of God. It’s an exclusive club dude…you need to be invited (God’s part) and must accept the fact that you need the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ to make it all happen (your part). I look forward to a continued dialogue with you when you are ready to count the cost. Is the Good News being cast before swine? All that come to God must believe that He Is and that He is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Without Faith it’s impossible to please God. Seek Him while He my be found. You can never say you were not invited dude.


      • NoahsDays, I was just thinking about the “pearls before swine” last night as I was walking home. The Good News: that God is love and wishes for all to come to know Him through Jesus, because Jesus is life, is the best news ever. I enjoyed this post very much. Peace.


  8. Lizard

    My opinion; maybe the flood wasn’t a global one, but a regional flood. Also, Noah was instructed to take two of every flesh, so maybe he took two giants aboard the ark. I really don’t know, but it’s interesting to think about. :)


  9. This is a genius post! I appreciate the humor, though apparently some of the commenters did not…


  10. alex

    We only know that somehow they survived the flood… maybe one of Noahs ssons’ was not his or the blood line of noahs sons’ wives carried the nephilim bloo?


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