Macrophilia: Obsession with or Sexual Fantasy about Giants

A macrophiliac fantasy

A macrophiliac fantasy

According to Wikipedia, this obsession I have with giants defines me as a macrophile.


a fascination with or a sexual fantasy involving giants

To be clear, I mean the fascination aspect, not the other. Although recently…

I really need to get another hobby. Maybe it’s time to pick up my latch hook and really make a difference as a rug hooker. Rug hooking, here I come!

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One response to “Macrophilia: Obsession with or Sexual Fantasy about Giants

  1. Thank you for a “world of information!” …I am learning things I have not known and need to know and am ever boggled at what I don’t know!
    I had 3 separate UFO sightings one of which was a close encounter in a country setting at high noon. The reflecting sun off the craft brought It to my attention. It hovered motionless from 20 to 30 minutes observing me. I stood still till it began to slowly move in a northwest direction. I think it was to be an abduction, but am wondering if the reason it wasn’t is because I have angel protection as a born again believer, …and also were these giants!?! …


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