A Giant the Size of King Og Found in Belgium!

Giant skeletonsThe Washington Post yesterday (11 April 2011) reported the finding of a Giant the size of King Og, in Belgium:

In 1643, workers unearthed some huge bones in a Belgian field. The naturalists who studied them were convinced they had come from a humanlike giant. Their length, after all, tallied with a biblical reference to Og, a giant king supposedly slain by Moses.

– Henry Nicholls, “Frozen remains help explain the life and eventual extinction of the woolly mammoth”

Alas, centuries later the developing science of palaeontology discovered that the purported Giant was an elephant. And later still, it turned out to be an extinct mastodon. The Washington Post story links to an article by Taika Helola Dahlbom (“A Mammoth History: The Extraordinary Journey of Two Thighbones”, Trends in Cell Biology 31.3 (2007): 110-114):

In 1643, two respected gentlemen observed some workers unearth a skeleton from a field outside Bruges in Flanders. One of the gentlement, Dr. Sperling, the court physician to King Frederick III of Denmark, recorded the length of the skeleton as nine Brabantian cubits (more than 4 m). With the bible as their point of reference as was common for seventeenth-century naturalists, this confirmed to the men that the skeleton had belonged to a giant…. [M]ore than 50 years later… the King’s collection… contained three specimens believed to have come from giants – two complete sets of teeth and another hip-bone. Whilst this other hip-bone was, according to the 1737 catalogue, ‘more than three feet long’ and ‘presumably of a large giant’, there was greater certainty over the provenance of the more recent acquisition. ‘A still larger hip-bone 3.5 feet long, weighing 25 lb, belonging to a large Giant’. This confidence stemmed from the account of its excavation by Dr. Sperling’s son, the reputable polymath Otto Sperling the younger (1634-1715)…. Since the extraordinary length of the skeleton relayed by Sperling the younger exactly matched the length of the giant King Og’s coffin described in deuteronomy 3:11, there was little doubt that the Bruges hip-bone had indeed belonged to a giant.
(p. 110)


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15 responses to “A Giant the Size of King Og Found in Belgium!

  1. chamshama

    I want to know the age of King Og At the time of his death


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  4. Rod

    That image is part of a photo entry that was submitted by an art student in a photo competition that featured PHOTO MANIPULATION. Those were debunked soon after they debuted on the net, and they were debunked by the art student himself.


  5. Charitas

    looked all through archives for belgian story – didn’t find it. huh. where is the truth to be found?


  6. Irish

    If that is king og the giant , why in Belgium and not in Israel or somewhere in the Middle East ??


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  8. Smiley Tattoos

    this site reminds me of collegehumor.com..
    Or maybe theonion.com…got me laughing either way.


  9. John Lepley

    To understand the stature and the notably a Raphiem skulls major differences to a human skull. The Giants skull has no suture down the middle of the skull, it is solid, and these skulls all over the world to see in museums are elongated and was able to as a result have more than 2X’s the brain mass of a human, yet these skeletons are in every other sense but size, human. Some have two rows of teeth, and not only in the bible, Native American legends talk of giants that were already here before they came with red like hair. They hunted and ate human flesh and were impossibe to escape. They could outrun a buffalo and pick it up with one arm. Enoch is a good place to get the whole story really, Jubilees seems in authentic to me.


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