Bible’s Buried Secrets on YouTube! God’s Wife Makes A Late Come-Back.

Episode 2 of Francesca Stavrakopoulou‘s recent BBC2 series, The Bible’s Buried Secrets is available, for the moment, on YouTube:

When submitted to rigorous analysis, the biblical texts actually reveal quite another story. I think that the evidence now shows that the people of the Bible believed in many gods. And the scribes who composed the Bible did their best to conceal this – but not altogether successfully.
– Francesca Stavrakopoulou

El, High God of Syria-Palestine: "You say I'm just an aspect of Yahweh? F*#% off! He's just some Johnny-come-lately."
El, High God of Syria-Palestine: “You say I’m just an aspect of Yahweh? F*#% off! He’s just some Johnny-come-lately.”

Stavrakopoulou goes on to discuss the Ugaritic findings, which she considers are more significant than the Dead Sea scrolls for understanding early Judaism:

Thanks to the finds at Ugarit, we now have a detailed understanding of what polytheism entailed. As the chief god of the pantheon, El ruled over a divine council, a form of heavenly parliament. This collection of gods was responsible for maintaining order in the cosmos. But the gods were also responsible for what was going on in the human, earthly realm.

– Francesca Stavrakopoulou

Update: See all three episodes of The Bible’s Buried Secrets here.


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3 responses to “Bible’s Buried Secrets on YouTube! God’s Wife Makes A Late Come-Back.

  1. Colin Bellend


    can you confirm whether the following is true:

    “Today I noticed that on the back of a book I was reading was the logo of IVP Academic, with the tag line:

    ‘Evangelically rooted. Critically engaged.’

    The contents of the programme showed no signs that FS had encountered this tradition of thinking.”


    • Tyrone Slothrop

      My Mancurian candidate,

      No, the site you refer to is a tendentious, not to mention quite boring, collection of apologetic twaddle – little of which bears any relation to anything remotely true.

      The quoted statement, in particular, is obviously false. My surmise is that while FS is well aware of IVP, as a scholar of the Hebrew Bible, and given the nature of IVP’s typical output, FS might interpret their tag-line as an example of antithetical rather than synonymous parallelism.

      Naturally, I offer this opinion as no more than conjecture.


  2. Robert T. Bobar

    Bible’s Buried Secrets is full shear speculation with little to no evidence for it’s many clains. The best point scored was the close spell for Ashereth in Deuteronomy 33:3 . But just because some Jews had a lot polytheism proves nothing because the Bible mentions about this many times. Nope go back to the dig and find that version of Deuteronomy before it was altered then you’ll talk to about. And if watch Garden Eden Episode: whoa what a laugh. The three rivers are the key to finding Eden. In the end God may not be real but neither is this documentary.


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